Below is a whopping list of 82 eateries from Taste of Chicago 19. Anything for your taste?

See the tasty list below:

2 tacos with meat and vegetables covered in stripes of cheese
I wouldn’t mind a bite. Image by: Peter Roberts Jr

The Full 5-Day Vendors

Arun’s Thai Restaurant, 4156 N. Kedzie

Aunty Joy’s Jamaican Kitchen, 1217 W. Devon

Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont

Ben’s Bar-Be-Cue, 5931 W. North (NEW)

Billy Goat Tavern, 1535 W. Madison

BJ’s Market & Bakery, 8734 S. Stony Island

Brazilian Bowl Inc., 3204 N. Broadway

Buona Beef, 601 N. McClurg Ct.

Buscia’s Bacon Buns, Available at Markets & Festivals

Caffe Gelato Soiree, 2034 W. Division

Chicago’s Dog House, 816 W. Fullerton

Churro Factory – Xurro, 2214 S. Wolcott

Connie’s Pizza, 2373 S. Archer Ave.

Doom Street Eats, Available at Markets & Festivals

Eli’s Cheesecake Company, 6701 W. Forest Preserve

Esperanza, 2301 S. Lakeshore Dr.

Franco’s Ristorante, 300 W. 31st St.

Frannie’s Café Inc., 623 S. Wabash

Frönen – Now 5 Days, Available at Markets and Festivals

Garifuna Flava: A Taste of Belize, 2518 W. 63rd St.

Gold Coast Dogs, 225 S. Canal St.

Hakka Bakka Indian Kati Rolls, 1251 W. Fullerton

Iyanze, 4623 N. Broadway

Josephine’s Cooking, 436 E. 79th St.

Kasia’s Deli, 2101 W. Chicago

La Mexicana, 4171 S. Archer Ave.

Lao Sze Chuan, 520 N. Michigan

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, 805 S. State

Premier Rollin BBQ, Available for Catering

Rainbow Cone LLC, 9233 S. Western Ave.

Ricobene’s, 252 W. 26th St.

Robinson’s No 1 Ribs, 225 S. Canal

Seoul Taco, 738 N. Clark

Texas de Brazil, 210 E. Illinois

The Cookie Crate, Available at Markets & Festivals

The Slab Bar-B-Que, 1918 E. 71st St.

The Star of Siam, 11 E. Illinois

Ukai Japanese Restaurant, 1059 W. Belmont

Vee Vee’s African Restaurant, 6232 N. Broadway

Yum Dum, Available at Markets & Festivals

Yvolina’s Tamales, 814 W. 18th St.

Food Truck Vendors

American Glory

Aztec Dave’s Food Truck

Beavers Coffee + Donuts

Big Wang’s Chinese Street Food

Coastline Catering

Da Pizza Dude


Harold’s Chicken

La Cocinita

Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp

Mr. Quiles Mexican Food

Ms. Tittle’s Cupcakes

Pink Flamingo (Flamingo Rum Club)

Pink Taco

The Lifeway Kefir Shop

Three Legged Tacos

Whadda Jerk

The Exciting New Eateries

90 Miles Cuban Café

A Place by Damao

Bar Takito

Barangaroos Aussie Pies

Ben’s Bar-Be-Cue

Big Wang’s Chinese Street Food

Black Dog Gelato

Brazilian Bowl Inc.

Buscia’s Bacon Buns

Coastline Catering

Da Pizza Dude

Dmen Tap

Dog Haus

Egg Rolls Etc.


Gordo’s Homemade Ice Cream Bars

Hakka Bakka Indian Kati Rolls

Jason’s Deli

Jeannie’s Flan Inc.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Josephine’s Cooking

Jus Sandwiches

Kitchen 17

Lao Sze Chuan

Luella’s Gospel Bird

Madame VanderKloot’s Weiner Emporium

Mr. Quiles Mexican Food

Ms. Tittle’s Cupcakes

Nourish Catering

Pink Flamingo (Flamingo Rum Club)

Pink Taco

Seoul Taco

The Cookie Crate

The Slab Bar-B-Que

Three Legged Tacos

Whadda Jerk

Yvolina’s Tamales

Some Extra Sizzling Vendors

90 Miles Cuban Café, 2540 W. Armitage

A Place by Damao, 2621 S. Halsted, Ste. 1

Bar Takito, 210 N. Morgan

Barangaroos Aussie Pies, 3208 N. Sheffield

BettyBop Shop, 7100 S. South Shore Dr.

BITES Asian Kitchen + Bar, 3313 N. Clark

Black Dog Gelato, 859 N. Damen

Classic Cobbler, Available for Catering

Dmen Tap, 2849 W. Belmont

Dog Haus, 2464 N. Lincoln

Egg Rolls Etc., Available for Catering

Gordo’s Homemade Ice Cream Bars, 729 S. Dearborn

Jason’s Deli, 1258 S. Canal

Jeannie’s Flan Inc., Available for Catering

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, 1505 N. Milwaukee

Jus Sandwiches, Available for Catering

Kitchen 17, 3132 N. Broadway

Luella’s Gospel Bird, 2009 N. Damen

Madame VanderKloot’s Weiner Emporium, Available at Markets & Festivals

Nourish Catering, Available for Catering

Seafood City Supermarket (Grill City), 5033 N. Elston

These Wingz?, Available at Markets & Festivals

Warm Belly Bakery, LLC, 1148 W. Monroe

Wood Fire Counter, 131 N. Clinton

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