Air Guitar Championship 2022 in Oulu Finland

Oulo, Finland

Slaying Air At It’s Best

Beyond slayin´ and slappin´ the air bass, the Air Guitar Championships have a much broader vision— a focus on promoting world peace.

What is the Air Guitar Championship?

Charisma and fierce energy explode from the rockstar on stage, intoxicating the crowd with hypnotic dancing, ruthless head banging, and animated plunges to the ground. The only thing this famed rockstar is missing is… An instrument. At the Air Guitar Championship in Oulu, Finland, it’s not about what you play, it’s all about how you play it.

  • Entrance to the Air Guitar Championship is Free

  • Dates for 2022 are yet to be confirmed.


The Air Guitar Competition

The grand competition will take place on August 23th, 2019, following 10 preliminary air guitar competitions held all around the world. The performances will be held in front of a large audience and are judged using a 6 point scoring system. Each air guitarist is judged on 4 main things:

1.) Stage presence: How well the performer can excite the crowd with their ability to truly rock.

2.) Technical merit: How much they look as if they are actually playing a real guitar. This requires accurate fretwork and chord strumming.

3.) Mimesmanship: How well they can create the illusion of a physical guitar.

4.) Airiness: Perhaps the most creative of the criteria. The airiness of a performance is how well the performer is able to turn the simulation of playing a guitar into a new, unique art form of their own.

If you want to see someone slaying a real guitar then see Wacken Open Air festival

What is the prize for slaying air?

A Bronze, silver, and gold medal will be given out on the 24th. As well, the world champion will receive a physical, real-life guitar. The winning strategy is strangely as simple as it is difficult. Justin ‘Nordic Thunder’ Howard, 2012 champion, reveals, “My strength is that I have absolutely no shame.”


Air Guitar Championship- Live In Peace

Beyond slayin´ and slappin´ the air bass, the Air Guitar Championships have a much broader vision— a focus on promoting world peace. As read on their official website, “wars would end, climate change stop, and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar.”

In 2017, their world-saving theme is Climate Change— because we can all work together to make sure the air guitar is a playable instrument for generations to come!

The Oulo Festival In August

The Air Guitar World Championships are part of a month-long festival called the Oulu August Festival. This festival features cinema, literature, music, and a variety of performing arts. So, aside from performers rocking out to their invisible instruments, there will much more to see in Oulu throughout August.

Essential Air Guitar Championship Tips

1○ Practice

One doesn’t just dream of becoming an air guitarist: they either are an air guitarist, or they aren’t. The thing is, you probably are. For that, now is the time to close your bedroom door, crank up the tunes, and get to practicing your mimesmanship. Why? Because, at the end of the festival, everyone is invited to play together in the name of world peace!

2○ Stay For The Fun

Finland is a beautiful country, and the Finnish are beautiful people. As well, there will be the Oulu August Festival — theatrical, musical, and art performances galore! For that, you are highly advised to hang out in Oulu for a while and really take in the festivities.

3○ Follow The Theme

As the theme for this year is Climate Change, August 25th in Oulu, Finland will certainly not be the time and place to wreak havoc on the environment. For good karma points, treat this day (or better yet, every day) as an Earth Day and at the very least, carpool.

So Why Air Guitar Championship?

There has never been a better time to leave your secretive bedroom performances behind and start rocking out with people from all over the planet.

Jump up and down, twirl your hair in circles, do a massive leg kick, fall to the ground, and strum that invisible instrument at this year’s Air Guitar National Championships in Finland! Oh and hey, why not spread a bunch of world peace while you’re at it?

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