Art Basel Miami 2021 – One of the [Best] Events in December

Miami, Florida, USA Start Date: 02/12/2021 End Date: 05/12/2021

Art Basel Miami Beach: Art, Cocktails, and Sea

The title says it, and you are already imagining it; think about the sound of the ocean waves, the warm temperatures even in the winter months, about some amazing contemporary and modern art, and you can feel like you are already there!

Art Basel Miami Beach: Art, Cocktails and Sea

Art Basel Miami

The title says it, and you are already imagining it; think about the sound of the ocean waves, the warm temperatures even in the winter months, about some amazing contemporary and modern art, and you can feel like you are already there!

  • Art Basel Miami 2021 is from December 2nd-5th, from Tuesday to Saturday.


Miami Beach is a south Florida island city, connected by bridges to mainland Miami, and every year it hosts one of the world’s most famous art festivals. It is called: ‘Art Basel Miami’. Keep reading to discover all that this show at Miami Beach has to offer:


What you can find in Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, in the city centre. Unofficially, the show starts on Wednesday, December 2nd 2020, with a Private Day event that can be attended by invitation only.

Another limited access event is the Vernissage, which takes place the following day.Art Basel is an international art fair where galleries showcase and sell work to collectors, museum directors, and curators.

It attracts large international audiences of art aficionados and students, but also aims to provide an introductory platform to those who are not very familiar with the current art scene.

If you want to fully satisfy your curiosity, you can find out more about the original Art Basel show (the one in Basel!) and the other Art Basel in Hong Kong.

a sculpture at art basel miami

By Gordon Tarpley


Where are the galleries from?

The show hosts leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa showing significant works of modern and contemporary art.

In 2015, the show hosted first-time collectors from Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Romania, Togo, and Zimbabwe – a truly global artistic experience!

Art Basel Miami Beach attracts on average over 70,000 participants, whether they are visitors seeking the latest artistic experience or active members of the artistic and curating community.

The majority of works are on display in the main exhibition hall, however there are also large‐scale projects, films and performances that take over the city’s outdoor landscape at nearby Collins Park and SoundScape Park.

collins park in miami

Image by: panoramio


Each show is organised into sectors where you can appreciate work by established and emerging artists and galleries. Now, let’s take a look at these sectors:



In this sector over 200 of the world’s leading international modern and contemporary art galleries will set up displays.

You can admire paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films and videos, and digital-art. It provides an all-round melange of media and works the highest quality from over 4000 artists, whether they are emerging or established talents.


As the name would suggest, this section features never-before-seen work straight from the artists’ studio. Here, galleries introduce up to three artists who are showing their latest works.


This sector allows one artist to present one major work. Here curators, critics, and collectors can discover ambitious new talents.


Leading publishers of works and prints showcase their collaboration with renowned artists. Visitors have the opportunity to see significant and rare publications.


Galleries have a separate space to present an exhibition from an artist of their choosing. Curated concepts range from thematic group exhibitions, art-historical showcases or solo shows for new talents.

an art piece at art basel miami

By diginmag



Art historical projects find their place here. Survey hosts solo presentations by individual artists, juxtapositions and thematic exhibits by artists from a range of cultures, generations or artistic approaches.


This sector is curated by Philipp Kaiser, independent curator and critic, and is produced in collaboration with local institutions, such as Bass Museum of Art. Held at nearby Collins Park, you can see large-scale sculptures and installations by leading and rising international artists.


An outdoor film screening program is held at SoundScape Park. Films and videos are projected onto the 7,000-square-foot wall of the New World Center.

Another special event is delivered by New York-based film curator Marian Masone, who selects a feature-length film to be screened at the Colony Theatre.


Single-magazine stands or collective booths display art publications from around the world. Editors and publishers of the magazines attend the show and contribute to presentations in the Conversations sector: a series of lectures and discussions.

a part of a magazine at the magazine exhibition in art basel miami

Image by: Riyaz Jamani



This sector offers a series of lectures and discussions led by prominent members of the art world. Conversations focus on topics relevant to the global contemporary artscape. Dialogue panels presented by eminent art practitioners, scholars, lawyers, gallerists and architects offer listeners unique and informed views on producing, collecting, and exhibiting art.

The 2019 Box Office

The box office for the 2019 is open. Ff you are wondering about the costs, the previous edition of the show had Day tickets for 70$ (65$ if purchased online) and Permanent Tickets, which give you access for the whole week, at 1550$ (145$ if purchased online).

Have your ticket already? Complete your travel arrangements now so you won’t pay more later

Art Basel also offers several other ticket combinations which will allow you to save money depending on your needs and length of stay. Tickets are available online and upon arrival and can be purchased directly on the East side of the Miami Beach Convention Center (Washington Avenue).

The arts await!

Art Basel Miami Beach is an unmissable event that will surely enrapture you with its many exhibits and great installations, whether you are an art veteran or amateur. On top of this, it will also give you the best excuse to travel to one of the most wanted locations in Florida

The show runs every year, but should this not be enough of Art for you, you could even travel to the Swiss city or even to Hong Kong, where there is another edition of the show in March!

Head over to Art Basel Miami Beach this December, escape the cold of the winter months, and expect an amazing immersion into the world of contemporary art!

Where is Art Basel Miami held?

At the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Florida.

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