Australian Open Tennis 2022 | Melbourne Grand Slam

Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia Start Date: 17/01/2022 End Date: 30/01/2022

First Grand Slam Of The Calendar Year

The Australian Open is one of the premier events in sport. The event is held every year in Melbourne, Australia during the last two weeks of January.

First Grand Slam Of The Calendar Year

The Australian Open is one of the premier events in sport. It is also the first Grand Slam of the tennis calendar year.

The event is held every year in Melbourne, Australia during the last two weeks of January, and in 2022 the Aus Open is from January 17-30.

  • Men’s Singles Champion 2020 – Novak Djokovic
  • Ladies Singles Champion 2020 – Sofia Kenin

It features singles and doubles tournaments for men and women as well as tournaments for wheelchair, legends, and exhibition participants.

The Australian Open is the first opportunity of the new season to see all the top players and young players in action and thus draws big crowds.

How much is the Australian Open prize money?

The prize money in 2019 was at a record high for the men’s and women’s singles at $60.5 million (Australian Dollar).

Since the prize money in 2018 was $50 million, we might see it increase to $73.2 million (Australian Dollar) in 2020.

In line with the other three Grand Slam tournaments, there is equal prize money for the men’s and women’s events
and the winner of each will receive $4.5 million.

The runners-up in the tournament are also well rewarded for their efforts. They will walk away with $2.6 million for reaching the final.

The players who qualified for the first round but go no further will leave with $55,000 as a consolation prize. This makes the total prize fund $60.5m.

The 2020 Australian Open will be the second most lucrative Grand Slam for players after the 2017 US Open. The prize money at the Australian Open is expected to go up for each of the next five years.

How much are the Australian Open tickets?

  • For 2020


Despite the increase in prize money, ticket prices remain reasonable and accessible for tennis fans.

For example, take a look at a ticket in Category 4 for a day session in the first week.

At the Rod Laver Arena the tickets prices are only $79 and this increases to $86 for the evening session. Category 1 tickets range from $225 to $240 for the day and evening session respectively.

The Margaret Court Arena offers even better value. You can watch the world’s top players in action for as little as $61 in the evening and $76 for the day session.

Ground Passes start at $54 for adults and just $5 for children up to 14 years old.

Moving into the second week of the Australian Open and ticket prices start to drop even lower for a Ground Pass as the number of matches becomes fewer.

As we get to the business end of the tournament, the Rod Laver Arena becomes the focus of attention.

Prices steadily increases towards the finals, starting at $166 for the women’s singles final and $332 for the men’s singles final.

Tickets are always available throughout the tournament. The Australian Open is the first opportunity of the new season to see both the top players and young players in action and thus draws big crowds.

A New Competitor and a Home Favourite

The 2020 Australian Open is destined to be an open competition, both from Men’s and Ladies’ Singles. Since 2006, the same players in the Men’s game have been dominating the Australian Open – Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal, except Wawrinka in 2014. This year (2020) there is a chance we might see another winner outside the big three with some emerging names, as age is catching up to them (especially Federer).

In the ladies’ 2020 competition, not much has changed. The lottery continues with no player significantly dominant over the rest. For this reason, the ladies’ game will be unpredictable, even though there are three players with a slight advantage in our preview.

I also must mention: the recent bushfire tragedy consuming Australia may affect the players, fans, well everyone. Let’s hope together it ends as soon as possible with the forecasted rains.


The 2019 champion will be looking to add his 8th Aus Open Slam in Melbourne. In 2019 he won convincingly against Nadal in 3 straight sets, and his form seems to be the same in 2020. If Djokovic delivers his best performance, it will be nearly impossible to dethrone him for another championship.


Nadal might be the most competitive player tennis has ever witnessed, let alone all sports. 1 Grand Slam separates him (19) from Federer (20), the all-time Grand Slam winner. There’s no doubt he will give his 100% to win the Aus Open 2020, and his recent victory in the 2019 US Open will provide him extra confidence (no that he needs it).


Every year everyone says it’s his last, but Federer continues year after year, and 2020 will be no different. Even at 38 Federer possesses tennis skills like no other, and nothing will make him happier than a 21st Grand Slam. As long as he doesn’t reach 5th sets back to back, he is capable of winning the Australian Open 2020.


2019 was the year Tsipatis made the step. He won the 2019 ATP Finals beating Federer in the semis. He also reached his top-ranking no.5 on August 19. Compared to Zverev who did not take the step, Tsipatis can now contend for a Grand Slam against the big three, if he can keep his head clear (and not throw his racket at his dad). A win at Aus Open 2020 can lead the path for a bright future.

I would also like to mention that I hope Kyrgios gets as many aces as possible, as he will donate $200 US for each ace to the tragic Australian bushfire victims.


What a story it will be if Ashleigh Barty wins the Australian Open in front of her home crowd. The world no.1 will have immense support from the Aussies, and she is more than capable of winning the competition, proving so with her first Slam at Roland Garros 2019 and WTP Finals 2019. Her energetic play will be something most of the players will find hard to compete.

Serena Williams

After her comeback from pregnancy, Serena came close as runner-up in Wimbledon and US Open 2019. Similar to Nadal, she is full of self-belief and very competitive. At 38 years old, Serena must keep her games short and use her power to overcome her rivals. Serena on her day is the best in the ladies’ singles. The only question is if she can reach that height towards the later stages. She recently (January 11) won the ASB Classic so S. Williams will come with a proper mindset to Aus Open 2020.


The 2019 Australian Open took the ladies’ singles by surprise from the victory over Serena in the 2018 US Open. Currently ranking at 3rd, she did not continue her form in the other slams in 2019 but did overcome Barty in Beijing at the finals in October. Consistency in her game will be the key for Osaka for her to keep her title.

A Side Flutter

The Australian Open 2020 has history written all over it. After many years of the big 3 being dominant, I think Tsipatis is finally ready to compete and win his first Grand Slam. At 10/1 odds (from William Hill) he’s my personal choice. From the ladies’ side, there will be nothing more ideal for the home crowd than seeing their homegrown win, after the recent bushfire. Barty already proved she has what it takes in the French Open 2019, and I see her rising to the occasion in the Australian Open 2020 with relentless energy at 8/1 odds (from William Hill).

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So Why Australian Open?

The 2020 Australian Open will also see plenty of emotion if Roger Federer can return and win his seventh title.  This would see the Swiss at 38 winning a 21st Grand Slam.

The same applies for Serena Williams, who is in line to bring her top game to win her first slam after the pregnancy.

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Why is the Australian Open in Melbourne?

To attract larger crowds for the tournament. Before the permanent move to Melbourne in 1972 and Melbourne Park in 1982, Many of the top players would skip the Australian Open.

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