Barranquilla Carnival 2020 — The Happiest Fest (Anywhere)

Barranquilla, Colombia Start Date: 22/02/2020 End Date: 25/02/2020
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Carnaval de Barranquilla 2020

Barranquilla Carnival 2020 will be a tremendous non-stop colorful party at a top Colombian Caribbean destination.

So huge it welcomes over one million and a half festival goers arriving from anywhere imaginable.

Carnaval de Barranquilla 2020

Barranquilla Carnival 2020 will be a tremendous non-stop colorful party at a top Colombian Caribbean destination. The carnival is so huge it welcomes over one million and a half festival goers arriving from anywhere imaginable.

  • Barranquilla Carnival 2020 is from February 22nd – 25th of February | Saturday-Tuesday 

It’s no surprise since this cultural gala full of coastal folklore is a unique experience not just during the carnival events but also in the vivacious people that live the carnival to the max partying on every city street transforming it into biggest dance floor in the world.

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The carnival has scheduled grand events including traditional parades, folkloric dances, and music performances.

They take place at parks, plazas, and main city streets where adults, youth and children come together to enjoy the festivity.

So do not think twice and join the second biggest carnival in the world and party like you never have before with the following activities:

Carnival de Baranquilla Masks 2018

Image By: Carnival de Barranquilla association


Barranquilla Carnival activities

The city is ready for the party as the art-deco buildings are decorated with brilliant flowers and vendors display their handcrafts.

You will see hats, woven bags and the famous carnival masks rendering the floor to the ‘lectura de Bando’ (proclamation) happening at two popular scenarios; Plaza de la Paz and the new Granada soccer field.

Here the carnival queen will order that everyone Must dance and have fun until Ash Wednesday. Afterwards everyone can flock the streets and join the main Carnival events as follows:

  • La Batalla de Las Flores (Battle of the Flowers)

Happening on Saturday is the most important event composed by floats of colorful allegorical cars.

battle of the flowers ladies with costumes on an eagle float at the barranquilla carnival

Image by: Ashley Bayles


The carnival’s main characters are king ‘Rey Momo,’ and ‘Maria Monitas,’ parading in company of dancers in full costumes. They give tribute to their Indigenes, Spanish, and African roots through their choreographies and music.


  • La Gran Parada (the grand stop)

Takes place on Sunday where only traditional folkloric groups compete with cumbias. This a traditional folkloric dance derived from the integration of the Indigenes, Africans and Spanish musical instrumental rhythms.

The result is in one of the most sensual, amusing, and famous dance worldwide.

men colored in black with music instruments at the tradtional barranquilla carnival dance of the gran stop - la gran parada

Image by:


In addition, to dance to well-known songs like el congo, el caiman, el son de negro and many more for the opportunity to participate next year at ‘La batalla de las flores.’

  • Festival de Orquestras (Orchestras’ festival)

Starting early Monday afternoon until the graveyard hours on Tuesday. Several music categories of orchestras and musical groups showcase various carnival music with drums, maracas and millet flutes.

They feature the year’s traditional dances that were vivid in the city during the 70s and 80s.

traditional cumbia music with the traditional clothes at the orchestras festival in barranquilla carnival

Image by: Ashley Bayles


  • Entierro de Joselito Carnaval (funeral of Joselito Carnival)

Happening on Tuesday the last day of the carnival Barranquilla.

Everyone mourns the death of Joselito, a traditional character representing the happiness of the Carnival.

After 4 days of partying he dies announcing the culmination of the festivities over crying widows wearing masks. No worries because everyone in Colombia are eager to welcome him back to life next year.

eniterro de joselito or joselito's burrial women faking tears and laughing near on a costumed man on a coffin at the fourth and last day of the barranquilla carnival

Image by: @anamariaariza via Instagram


woman dressed in black mourning clothes at joselito's burrial or entierro de joselito in spanish at barranquilla carnival

Image by: @darlyramos via Instagram


Colombian masks

the carnival is characterized by carnival masks including the famous ‘Marimonda’ mask.

It consists of a hooded cloth bag with three holes, a long nose, and floppy elephant like ears. It is wore by men symbolizing their desire to sexual pursuits and to have the most fun possible at the Barranquilla Carnival.

Other famous masks made with mache paper with different colors and designs include ‘el toro’ (the bull) representing the leader of the herb, and ‘el gorila’ (gorilla) a member of the animal herb of the Congo’s (African) dances, other animal masks are tiger, dog, donkey, and many more.

marimonda mask at the barranquilla carnival

Image by: Michele Mariani


Also, there are is a huge array of costumes that include dracula, demon, ‘cabezones’ (big heads) and of course the traditional African and Caribbean costumes.

They display the various cultures usually women wearing beautiful flowers on their head and dresses with long ruffle skirts, with different colors including the country’s flag yellow, blue, and red.

Other South American Carnivals in lent include: Rio Carnival and Oruro Devil Carnival


So Why Barranquilla Carnival?

Carnaval de Barranquilla is about partying, music, food, but above all is about the striking people that live and feel carnival as if there is no tomorrow. 4 days of pure happiness.

why is the Barranquilla carnival celebrated?

The Barranquilla carnival originally celebrated in Cartagena de Indias, was an expression day of the Afro-Colombian slave’s roots, mixed with carnival heritage from Spain.


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