Burning Man Festival 2021: What You Need to Know

Black Rock City, Nevada, USA Start Date: 29/08/2021 End Date: 05/09/2021

Burning Man is a place where, in one moment, you are sitting alone in an old-style black and white movie theater watching The Andy Griffith Show, and the next moment you are licking a balloon while bouncing on a teeter totter in a giant unicorn-shaped art car.

Notice: Burning Man 2021 dates are yet to be confirmed

What Is Burning Man Festival?

Burning Man Festival is. . . A world that consists of 70,000 different worlds, none of which are anything you could ever predict or imagine. . . It´s a pop-up city of individuals who gather to celebrate self-reliance, self-expression, and human connectivity.

Notice: Burning Man 2021 dates are yet to be confirmed

  • Burning Man Estimated 2021 dates: August 29th – 5th of September


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According to The Burners Alliance, “Burning Man is not a festival. It’s a catalyst for creative culture in the world.” It’s a place where creative hearts and open minds come together to create something completely new (and absolutely stunning) every single year. The theme for 2017 was  Radical Ritual.

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The Burners

There is no ‘line up,’ and there are no ‘event organizers.’ The event, itself, is completely brought to you by it’s attendees, who are famously dubbed “The Burners.” They create the many different worlds that exist; from giant art installations, to theatrical and musical performances, to flamboyant ‘art cars,’ workshops, themed camps, and so, so much more.

Also, Burners bring a lot of musical talent to the Playa, but they love to do so in secret, meaning that you have a great chance of stumbling upon sensations like Beats Antique or Skrillex while on your way to the loo.

The Burns

The burning of many giant, intricate, glorious art pieces will start as early as Friday, so be there for them. As well, the burning of the “The Man,” takes place as an enormous event on Saturday, and is perhaps the most crucial burning to witness during your week.

However, what is most meaningful, is the burning of the “The Temple,” which is a place where people will place their remnants of past loved ones and hardships throughout the week. During the final day of the festival, they will silently watch it all burn and howl together, and also find the courage and strength to let go of the pain of loss. The energy of these events can change your life, as one of the highest recommendation to not miss these.

No Expectations

 Burning Man is a place where, in one moment, you are sitting alone in an old-style black and white movie theater watching The Andy Griffith Show, and the next moment you are licking a balloon while bouncing on a teeter totter in a giant unicorn-shaped art car.

As the event is so vast and varied, everyone’s Burning Man experience will be completely unique. If you have had a friend tell you all about “how Burning Man really is,” it is important to take their stories with a grain of salt and not to be attached to any particular outcome.

Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man is different from other festivals in so many aspects-  the ticket process is no exception. First, you must create a Burner Profile on the website. From there, you register for whichever ticket category you chose (pre-sale: $1,200-$900, or Directed Group and Main Sale: $425), and during your category’s selected time, you login to get in queue and wait to see if you get a ticket. From there, like the lottery, it’s all about luck.

For the week of Burning Man Festival, Black Rock City is the 3rd largest city in Nevada. 70,000 Burners— that’s a lot of people. In effort keep this community running as smoothly as it does, Burning Man has a set of commandments, or principles, that every Burner must follow:

The 10 Principles of Burning Man Festival

1.) Radical Inclusion — Everyone is treated as an equal- with welcome and respect.

2.) Gifting — There is absolutely no use of money at Burning Man. Everything that is exchanged is gifted- unconditionally.

3.) Decommodification — To solidify the spirit of unconditional gifting, there are to be no commercial sponsorships, advertising, or transactions- Black Rock City it is a culture free of such exploitation.

4.) Radical Self-Reliance — Each individual must practice self-sufficiency and responsibility, especially in the (oftentimes) rough desert environment.

5.) Radical Self-expression — This type of self-expression comes from the unique gifts each individual has to offer (whether it is food, jewelry, performance, etc), and the rights and freedoms of both the giver and the recipient.

6.) Communal Effort
— Burning Man highly promotes the ideals of communal collaboration and cooperation.

7. ) Civic Responsibility — Burning Man aims to have a highly civil society. Public welfare and local, state, and federal laws must all be accounted for.

8.) Leaving No Trace — Respect of the desert is highly regarded at Burning Man. For that, there is to be absolutely no trace, not a single piece of garbage, left over after the festival.

9.) Participation — Everyone is just as invited to work as they are to play.

10.) Immediacy — With no excuses, be in the moment. Look around you, enjoy. If something needs done, do it. Spontaneity paired with present awareness, here, is key.

4 awesome tips to improve your Burning Man experience

1○ Prepare

As touted by many Burners, “Black Rock City: The greatest place in the world that sucks.” With a week of intense dust storms, extreme heat (and frigid nights), and absolutely no food or water, Burning Man calls for a bit of survival preparation. While the gifting community is loving and strong, you still must bring in everything, including all food and water (for drinking and hygiene), that you will need for the entire week.

2○ M.O.O.P., There It Is! 

M.O.O.P. stands for Matter Out of Place, which is a fancy way of saying, litter. Don’t litter- just don’t. The desert ground is often referred to as “The Playa,” and is sacred territory (all of it).

Every single thing that is brought onto The Playa, must be taken out- leaving absolutely no trace, not even a scrap of plastic. There are Port-A-Potties, but yes, this even means you must also carry out your shower water.

3○ Be Nice

Nothing will make you feel more like an out-casted dingus quicker than being harsh to others. Share when you can. Hug people. Smile. Be loving. Hey, these things feel good, anyway.

4○ Equipment

A bike, face mask, and goggles are a must.


So Why Burning Man Festival?

So, what Burning Man story will you have to tell? What life lessons will you learn? How will your worldview be shaped? How will you be inspired by the city and it’s people? What world will you live in?

Live in a beautiful, thriving, and alien culture— delve into and discover your own sense of self-expression, creativity, and self-reliance at the Black Rock City this year. Let your worlds be rocked.

Can anyone attend Burning Man?

No. You can only attend Burning Man if you purchased a ticket. If you are 18 or under you can enter only with a parent or a guardian 21+ years old.

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