Copenhagen Cooking 2021: a Guilt-Free Savory Food Festival

Copenhagen, Denmark. Start Date: 20/08/2021 End Date: 29/08/2021

Copenhagen Cooking And Food Festival

Have you heard there’s something fishy going on in Copenhagen this summer?

Well, you’d be right. There’s an amazing celebration of Danish and Nordic cuisine which takes over the city centre for ten whole days.

Copenhagen Cooking And Food Festival

Don’t worry if you don’t like fish, because at the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival, there’ll be a lot more on offer than the traditional pickled herrings.

The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival is a major gastronomical event happening in Denmark’s capital city from the 20th of August to the 29th, 2021. Many of the festival’s major events are held in the Israels Plads square.

The huge open park area in the centre of the city, with its two huge fresh food markets, already has strong culinary connections. That involvement increases tenfold when the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival gets underway and the Israels Plads square becomes Copenhagen’s open air kitchen.


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Two Day Nordic Tasting

The Two Day Tasting at the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival is a feast, eaten on foot, of regional Danish, Nordic and International food. As you wander through the thick of stalls set up around the Israel Plads square, for just over twenty euros, you’ll be able to sample an amazing array of tempting, bite sized dishes prepared and served tapas-style.

Snack on salmon or prawn ceviches, frikadeller which are meatballs with dipping sauces or try new and innovative variations of sild, the Danish staple of pickled herring. There’s plenty more tasty treats proffered by the professional chefs. So if you’re still hungry after you’ve had your ticket’s worth, just get another and go around again.

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Oyster Discovery

If you don’t know an oyster from a scallop that’ll all change when you visit the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival. In the bustling Torvehallerne gastro-market get the low down and lots of inside tips on how to prepare and eat the aphrodisiacal shellfish during a demonstration from an expert oyster connoisseur.

Once you’ve got the know-how, it’s time to get stuck in and have a go opening your own before you demolish the dozen included in the ticket price.


Nordic Seafood Party

As it is, surrounded by the waters of the North and Baltic Seas on three sides, it’s not surprising Denmark’s cultural cuisine is rich in fish and seafood dishes.

The Nordic Seafood party honors the work of the fishing industry and its produce in a restaurant overlooking the sea. At the party, you’ll be able to enjoy a fusion of traditional fish dishes from all the different countries of Scandinavia washed down with fiery Danish Aquavit or Marskin ryyppy, a strong Finnish liquor.

The Nordic Seafood Party at Copenhagen Cooking

The Nordic Seafood Party


Hot Dog Competition

Denmark has always had a loving relationship with the humble hot dog or pølse. At the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival that fondness is taken to exciting new heights in a fun charity event held in the Israels Plads square.

You’ll be able to listen to live music and down a few beers while the popular chefs, who have been invited to participate in the gourmet hot dog making competition, prepare their secret recipes.

Their kilos of freshly made pølse need to impress a very prestigious panel of judges before the winner is declared and the sausages grilled and devoured by the waiting crowds.


Get Grilled

Is a food festival complete without a barbecue? Definitely not and for that reason the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival hosts the Ultimate Barbecue.

On the day of the big barbie, from late afternoon onwards, Israels Plads square is awash with the aromas of sizzling,char-grilled food. Restaurant chefs from around Copenhagen man the embers to produce some real quality barbecued food.

You won’t be going hungry or thirsty as the admission price includes four dishes as well as copious free beer to wash it all down with.


So Why Copenhagen Cooking And Food Festival?

Although Danish bacon has worldwide fame, you won’t find much of a mention of it at the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival.

What you will find is amazing and innovative Nordic cuisine which will get your taste buds tingling with its imaginative flair. Yes, there will be traditional pickled herrings there somewhere and meatballs too, but  they’ll have taken on a whole new aspect which will soon have you queueing for more.


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