Dimensions Music Festival 2019: A (Mega) Beach Fest in Pula

Fort Punta Christo, Štinjan, Pula, Croatia Start Date: 28/08/2019 End Date: 01/09/2019

‘Festivaling’ Near The Beach

Underground music mixed with a paradise beach?

Yes, that’s what you can gift yourself at the Dimensions Music Festival in Pula, Croatia.

How good is it? See More Below:

‘Festivaling’ Near The Beach at Dimensions Music Festival

Dimensions Music Festival

It has rather quickly became extremely popular. Why? By gaining an excellent reputation for bringing a leading edge line-up of today’s front line DJs and underground productions.Literally a must vivid experience.

two girls at dimensions music festival smiling

Image by: @RobinsonChloe

So, imagine yourself in day-time beach parties and all-night raves among thousands of enthusiasts. All dancing to the craziest beats of house, techno, urban and more.For sure the ultimate quenched summer festival on the map. 2019 will also be the festival’s last year at Punta Christo.

If you’re looking for bigger headliners in an August music festival then see Leeds Festival or Reading Festival

Therefore, do not wait and come spend the weekend by the warm clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Party non-stop with the following ultimate events and lineup:

Dimensions Festival 2019 Lineup

As one of the leading underground music festivals in the world, the names might be less known. Never the less, these DJ’s and the Dimensions Festival have a famous reputation for setting a top scene. See the full line up below, and extra names that here:

How Much is Dimensions Festival?

Dimensions Music Festival 2019 ticket cost from £101 pounds to £172 pounds. Here’s the list you can choose from:

  • Weekend Tickets – £131 pounds.
  • Weekend Tickets (4 for the price of 3) – £101 pounds.
  • Weekend Festival Payment Plan – £22 pounds. for the first payment. After that 4 payments of £35 quid each. In total: £162 pounds.
  • Weekend Tickets with Package – £172 pounds. Includes opening concert on August 28 and a camping pass.
  • Joint Festival Tickets – £172 pounds. Includes Outlook Festival from September 5-9.

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Štinjan and Pula Festival

Start the day at the beach surrounded by thousands of swimming suits and bikinis. All jamming to the yacht rock, disco, and funk of artists such as Hunee and Batu, turning the beach scenario into an upbeat celebration until the sunset sets.

Continue dancing at the boat parties where you can trip during Eglo Records artists booming their cosmic reggae and soulful beats, a rigor mayhem.
The party continues at night where the main stage is spread across the 2,000 year old stone Roman fort ruins.

A glorious place for joyful ravers to dash throughout with victorious dancing moves in what was once a dark military place.

partying at dimensions music festival at the roman fort in pula

Image by: @mimmyabc


Here everyone will be wowed by the spectacular laser light shows and featured prime names of Europe and America. Performers playing across a top-notch sound system with beats from EDM noise to Techno sonic invigoration.

Your hands would not be able to stop waving in the air all night with this ultimate lineup which last editions hosted names such as:

Ben Klock, Massive Attack, and Larry Heard, and this year it promises to be as magnificent.

So Why Dimension Music Festival 2019?

this extreme underground musical festival at the once glorious Roman fort surrounded by the ocean atmosphere will transport you to an extreme space so incomparable you must be insane to miss it.

girl raising arms on pula beach at dimensions music festival

Image by: @brejuliet

where is dimensions festival?

Dimensions Festival is located at fort Punta Christo in Pula, Croatia. 2019 will be the last time Dimensions Festival organize an event at Punta Christo.

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