Download Festival Donington 2020: The no 1 (UK) rock festival

Donington park, England Start Date: 12/06/2020 End Date: 14/06/2020

The beating drum creates a hauntingly mesmerizing rhythm while the smooth bassline reverberates through thousands of chests, causing them all to sway in unison.

  • Download Festival 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19

Beads of sweat roll as the musical anticipation builds greater and greater. Finally,

Download Rock Festival

Passion bursts out of Ozzy Osbourne in a roar, blasting the crowd with enthusiasm they must release by jumping up and down and screaming along as if they were all one entity… Welcome to Download Festival in the UK- it doesn’t get much bigger, or badder, than this.


Download Festival Lineup History

Being Britain’s biggest rock festival, Download is full of rock, and only rock. It initially began as just a heavy metal festival, but has since expanded to include alternative, rock, and punk. In the past, it has hosted many legends such as Billy Idol, Rammstein, Black Sabbath, Korn, and Iron Maiden; oh yeah!

The 2020 Lineup

The first bands for Download 2020 have arrived. Have a peek:

Download festival donington 2020 first band names from the lineup


 Download Rock Festival Headliners 2018

For 2018 Download Festival has already 3 headliners: Guns’n’Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, and Ozzy Ozbourne. More is yet to come!

Download Rock Festival Headliners 2017

Their 15th year of magic happens at the “Spiritual Home of Rock,” Donington Park, during the blissful summer days of June 9th-11th. For 2017, Download Festival had in a yummy lineup- including, but not limited to: System of a Down, Aerosmith, Rob Zombie, Slayer, and Sum 41. In 2018 they will have you head banging, thrashing, and yelling your rock-loving heart out!


So Why Download Festival?

If you have been dreaming of being put under the marvelous spell of rock-induced hypnosis in a wonderland built to let your inner passions escape in a roar, then Download festival, June 12th-14th, 2020, will be where your dreams come true. You can smile as you link arms with Rob Zombie and gallop about the land.

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