Escape Psycho Circus 2021 — Your Halloween Rave

NOS Event Center, San Bernardino, CA Start Date: 29/10/2021 End Date: 30/10/2021

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Your New Halloween Plans Unfolding

Looking for an EDM venue and freaky Halloween costumes together?

You’ll find it here in Escape Psycho Circus.

I’ll show you what you need to know from tickets-lineup-costumes and get you travel-ready.

Escape Psycho Circus 2020

Escape Psycho Circus – the best EDM festival in October where you can be your freaky self. For 2 days forget about your problems and rave hard with other EDM goers. Put on anything strange you can think of and see some of the best DJ acts out there.

  • Escape Psycho Circus 2021 is from October 29th-30th.
  • Days: Friday and Saturday | Entry and Closing Time:  from 4PM – 2AM.


See what’s the festival about from tickets to your travel:

dj jumping up the crowd

Image by: Insomniac Escape Halloween


Escape tickets 2020 info and Extra

Before I mention the tickets, they are a little bit expensive, but totally worth it. Notice that all the prices don’t include tax and fees. If you preregister now, you can secure your entry for the 2020 festival.

GA Tickets for the complete 2 days in 2020 sell for $169.99 in tier 1. From 2019 the prices were: and $189.99 in tier 3. Tier 4 was $199.99 and now available tier 5 is $209.99. Taking a look at recent years, tickets sell very fast (much faster than EDC Las Vegas). The EPC deposit started at $29.99 and was $79.99.

VIP tickets, on the other hand, are cheaper compared to other EDM venues. They start at $319.99 tier 1  (in 2020) and in 2019 went up to $339.99 for Tier 3. For Tier 4 the price is $349.99. The VIP EPC deposit was $59.99 and raised to $159.99.

Single Day GA Tickets for Friday and Saturday are not in sale yet. In 2019 the tickets started at $119.99 tier 1 and raised to $129.99 for tier 2. The Single Day EPC deposit was $39.99.

VIP Single Day Tickets for Friday and Saturday are not in sale yet. In 2019 the tickets started at $199.99 tier 1 and raised to $219.99 for tier 2. The Single Day EPC deposit was $49.99.

Already have your ticket? Plan your flight and stay for Escape Psycho Circus

Oh by the way, there are 3 things you should know:

  • Age limit is 18+ for entry and 21+ for alcohol.
  • You can only buy up to 4 tickets for your crew.
  • No re-entry: Once you step out of the festival you can only come back the next day.

Escape Psycho Circus Lineup 2019 and Set Times

Insomniac has this thing not to post their lineup before the tickets, which is really annoying! But each year the lineup is so good, so no complains here 😊

I’m happy to say the Escape 2019 lineup by day has been released! Check out the names:

escape psycho circus 2019 lineup by day


See the link below if you want to compare all the Escape Psycho Circus lineups from 2011:

Escape Psycho Circus Past Lineups


What to Wear for the Halloween Rave Festival?

Here’s one thing that makes Escape Psycho Circus so amazing:

You can literally wear anything you want. And I mean anything. If you feel like putting on a crazy clown costume, go for it. If you want to wear your best rave costume, go for it. Maybe you want to bring a regular T-shirt and blue jeans.

The best thing: You won’t get the odd look.

a girl with a scarecrow makeup and costume as an idea for escape psycho Circus

Image by: @nessartistry via Instagram


3 Dedicated Tips for Escape Psycho Circus


1○ Kandi Up

You love it or hate it, but Kandi is one of the best ways to meet other ravers such as yourself, and have a special memory.

2○ Dodgy San Bernardino

Nothing against San Bernardino, but your stay there might not be so pleasant… You should stay in Ontario, CA instead. There’s a shuttle next to the airport where you can meet other EDM people like yourself and it’s only 25 minutes away from the NOS Event Center.

3○ Don’t do drugs alone

Listen, this is no drug rant or any of that shit, but you don’t want to be in that person all burnt out without your crew. If you decide to take something, at least make sure you’re not alone, even though ravers take care of each other.

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The EDM Halloween Fest You don’t want to miss out

Insomniac group is one of the best in EDM productions (EDC Las Vegas and Electric Forest among others). You know they won’t disappoint. If you didn’t have any special plans for Halloween, now you do. Join the Escape psycho ravers in October 2019. I’ll let you know that in 2020 you will come back.

Now it’s time to organize your trip:

What time does Escape Psycho Circus 2019 start and end?

Escape Psycho Circus 2019 starts at 4pm October 25th and ends at 2am October 26th. The Escape festival length is two days in San Bernardino, CA.


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