Festa des Vermar 2020: (September) — Wild Grape Festival

Binissalem,Majorca, Spain

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Festa des Vermar in Majorca

If you love wine and you’re not averse to partying, you’ll love La Festa des Vermar. This traditional Majorcan fiesta, held in the town of Binissalem in September, is a two week celebration of the areas famous viticulture.

Festa des Vermar Binissalem

If you love wine and you’re not averse to partying, you’ll love La Festa des Vermar. This traditional Majorcan fiesta, that is held in the town of Binissalem in September, is a two week celebration of the areas famous viticulture.

  • In 2019 the Festa des Vermar will be from 13th of September to the 29th.
  • In 2020 Festa des Vermar is set to be cancelled.

 What You Need to Know: Festa des Vermar

The sun on the Balearic island of Majorca does more than bronze the bodies of holidaymakers on its famous beaches. It ripens the grapes in the vineyards of Binissalem just in time for the annual harvest festival party.

Once the hard work has been done and the grapes have been harvested from the vines, the whole town hits the streets for a fourteen day long festivity of wine, food, music and fun. If you’re planning on going to the festival, be prepared, because, Binissalem certainly knows how to throw one.

The Big Grape Battle

  • September 21st Around 12:00-14:00 at Poliesportiu

The big grape battle commences with tonnes of grapes being deposited through the streets of Binissalem. A water wagon, loaded with four thousand plus litres of wine idles waiting while a youthful crowd gathers and throngs the streets.

When the signal is given, the food battle begins. Grapes are thrown and fountains of wine are sprayed over the crowd. There are no rules to this battle. It’s all about getting saturated in wine and getting covered in as many crushed grapes as possible while Reggaeton music is played on high volume over strategically placed loudspeakers. As strange as it may sound, it’s really good fun.

Other famous food battles include La Tomatina in Buñol

festa des vermar grape battle

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  • September 28th from 17:30-23:00 at Al Parc de la Rectoria

Residents of Binissalem and the surrounding area don their national dress and ride through the streets on decorative floats themed on anything and everything wine and vine related.

Accompanied through the streets by numerous marching bands of musicians playing everything from drums, to tin whistles and bagpipes, it’s a raucous homage to Binissalem’s agricultural working community.

Fire Run

  • September 27th at Plaça de l’Església

The Fire Run or Correfoc of the Binissalem Wine Festival is a firework display with a difference. Crowds gather in the main town square where braziers have been lit before a huge stage. Fireworks, which emit the most deafening, demonic squealing screech, are let off.

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Men, dressed as horned devils brandishing pitchforks, appear through the billowing smoke. The colorful representations of Old Nick proceed through the streets spitting flames and showering onlookers with sparks from the flaring prongs of their pitchforks in a ritualistic performance meant to keep bad fortune from the wine production.

Dance of the Giants

  • September 29th from 10:15 

The Dance of the Giants is a traditional part of La Festa des Vermar. Three metre tall wooden effigies, one male the other female and incredibly lifelike considering their size, take part in a procession through the streets.

They’re accompanied by marching bands and choral groups in national dress until they reach the church. There they take positions of honor on a specially constructed stage. After a ceremonial grape crushing, the giants perform a nimble dance which is followed by a performance of traditional dances by local dance groups.


the street dances in binisallem during festa des vermar

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3500 Plates of Fideus de Vermar 

  • September 26th

Tables and chairs line the pavements, plazas and just about any other available space for a communal harvest supper where La Festa des Vermar’s traditional dish, Fideus de Vermar, is cooked on a grand scale.

Similar to a paella, but made with short, thick noodles instead of rice and mutton in place of seafood, Fideus de Vermar is a rustic, hearty and fortifying plate of food which is liberally washed down with lots of local wine.

Following the next day (September 27th) is the big Festa des Vermar dinner for 19,000 people.

Free Wine Tastings

Don’t miss out on any of the free wine tastings. Various bodegas offer free samples of their wine from display stands throughout the whole two weeks of the festival.

There’s a dedicated day for wine tasting on September 17th, at Celler 7103 de Santa Maria, and it costs around €7 euro.

So Why Festa de Vermar?

If getting drenched in wine, as well as drinking it and crushing grapes with your bare feet sounds unbeatable, then you won’t want to miss any part of the riotous rustic fiesta which is La Festa des Vermar.

The otherwise tranquil streets of Binissalem come to life with parades, dancing giants, flaming devils and plenty of loud music. There’s free flowing wine for tasting and a communal noodle supper. Sounds good. Salud!

how much are grape battle tickets?

The Festa des Vermar grape battle tickets cost €1 euro. Other events in the have free entry and pay.

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