Fuji Rock Festival 2021: The (Ultimate) Japan Music Festival

Naeba Ski Resort, Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, Japan Start Date: 20/08/2021 End Date: 22/08/2021
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Fuji Rock Festival

Imagine walking through a mystical forest as it marries a meadow of blooming Chrysanthemum and Cherry Blossom trees.

Petals falling from the sky and dancing all around you, enticing you to sway along with their rhythm.

Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival

  • Fuji Rock Festival 2021 is from August 20th – 22nd of August | Friday-Sunday

Allured, you continue your walk through the meadow; you notice the captivating sound of music echoing through the trees. You follow the sound, baffled and entranced, and the music begins to become recognizable.

It is indeed the rhythm you’ve been swaying to all along. In fact, it’s your favorite band, jamming and sending musical vibrations throughout the natural scenery! Björk, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Jack Johnson, and Muse. . .

Welcome to the Fuji Rock Festival —  Japan’s biggest (and most stunning) music festival.

Other Top rock festivals in the world include the Download Festival in Donington Park UK

 2021 Lineup

The festival was in the naturally dazzling Naeba Ski Resort, in Yuzawa, Japan. Even though there is focus on rock music, there are more music genres in the fest.

It featured more popular musicians by the likes of SIA, The Cure, The Chemical Brothers and, Martin Garrix — as well 200 other Japanese and international musicians. For the 2021 lineup, see below:

fuji rock music festival 2021 lineup

2020 Ticket Info

Earliest Bird tickets will only be available in Japan at the price of ¥39,800 (Approx €330) for all 3 days. You can purchase the entries on Monday February 10th, Tuesday February 25th, at e+, and on Saturday February 29th at Gan-Ban stores.

The rest of the ticket sales begin from Friday March 6th for the first tier, at the price of: ¥43,000 (Approx €357) for all 3 days. 2 days at the festival is at ¥34,000 ( Approx €283) and a Single day entry is at ¥19,000 (Approx €158).

What Makes Fuji Rock Festival Special

What separates the Fuji Rock Festival from every other festival is it’s absolute devotion to preserving the natural landscape around it, boasting to be the cleanest festival in the world. A difficult task, considering over 100,000 people will be all-in to dance, party, and bask in the pristine scenery.

The festival is run on almost entirely renewable energy and bio-fuels, and has strict rules about smoking in public, as well as policies that make it easy to dispose of trash and recycle.

Family Festival

Wondering about the vibe? The vibe is so safe and family friendly that kids frequently forgo camping, and even simply sleep under the stars.

If you’re from the western world, the Fuji Rock Festival is one of the best possible introductions to eastern culture — the Japanese can be quite koi. Their kind and playful hearts are yet another astonishing aspect of the festival.

So Why Fuji Rock Festival?

When this summer rolls around, and the festival season is in full swing, what will you be doing? Sitting on your couch watching your grass bleach, partially due to the sun but mostly due to your neighbor’s dog’s urine?

Or will you say “YES” to culture, music, and the biggest party in Japan. Exploring the untouched Japanese oasis, swaying to the rhythm alongside the trees, the falling petals of exotic flowers, and the rowdy, rockin’ Fuji Rock community.

Where to Stay for Fuji Rock Festival?

In one of the three camping sites offered by Fuji Rock Festival, or at the Naeba ski resort for hotels and resorts.


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