Kanamara Matsuri Festival: (April) 2022 — a Phallus Tradition

Kawasaki, Japan Start Date: 03/04/2022 End Date: 03/04/2022
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A Celebration Of Schlongs

This is one celebration where being a dick is cool, in fact, the bigger the dick, the better. Kanamara Maturi, an annual festival held in Japan, celebrates the willy.

No, not Willie Nelson, or Willy Wonka, not even William Shakespeare. We’re Talking

A Celebration Of Schlongs

This is one celebration where being a dick is cool, in fact, the bigger the dick, the better. Kanamara Matsuri, an annual festival held in Japan, celebrates the willy.


ladies in traditional costumes carrying the phalus at kanamara matsuri fes

Image by: Takanori


No, not Willie Nelson, or Willy Wonka, not even William Shakespeare. We’re talking about the penis, the schlong, the male member.

While Westerners and prudes giggle and cringe at the sight of gigantic penises, the ancient tradition is a very serious celebration of, and prayer for, fertility, STDs and HIV.

Held on the first Sunday in April, the festival takes place on April 3, 2022. It is at the Kanayama Shrine, which is located at Wakamiya Hachimangu Temple, in Kawasaki, Japan.


What’s The Kanamara Matsuri Festival About?

While the meaning behind the celebration goes much deeper, it’s still a festival that pays homage to the penis.

If that’s what you came to see, you’re not going to feel let down. For lovers of all things phallic, from penis hats and puppets, to floats and costumes!

a person with a semi samurai costume at kanamara matsuri

Image by: elmimmo


Couples, young and old, attend the festival looking for cures for impotence, to assist with infertility, and to participate in the big parade.

Kanamara Matsuri sees every Tom, Dick, and Harry take part in this annual event, and has become hugely popular with the LGBT community.

The Celebrations

Celebrations start on the Saturday evening with yang and yin shaped rice treats that are prepared, and everyone gets to taste them. Traditionally the symbols represent the male and female energies respectively.

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On Sunday, at 11 am, the festival officially starts with a huge bonfire being lit and a short Shinto ceremony taking place, after which sake and dried sardines are served for good fortune.

At around 12 o’ cock, er, 12 o’ clock, the omikishi (or as we like to call it, the OMG), a giant member altar is transported to the Kanamara shrine, in preparation for the start of the spectacle.

kanamara matsuri shrine before the phalus is on it


Interestingly, the giant pink penis was donated by Elizabeth Kaikan, Tokyo’s famous drag queen bar and club and is affectionately known as ‘Elizabeth’.

The Kanamara Mastsuri Afternoon Parade

The rest of the celebration is all about the afternoon parade, which starts at about 1 pm. Three enormous erect penises are carried through by worshippers dressed in what can only be described as penis-pink garments.

Revelers and onlookers line the streets, crowding around the idols, singing, shouting and chatting, while the willie-bearers sway, in worship of the yang.

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The atmosphere is like that of a street party, just with a lot of dicks. Everyone is dressed in kimonos and almost everyone is sucking on, or licking, penis-shaped lollipops.

dick and vagina shaped candy at kanamara matsuri festival

Image by: By Stealth3327


But there is a serious side, with proceeds from the event going to HIV research.


Kanamara Matsuri Tips


1# Penis Shaped Seesaw

If you get a chance, try and mount the penis-shaped seesaw. It’s thought to help with fertility.

2# Pak Your Kimono

Be sure to pack your kimono, or purchase one as soon as you arrive in Tokyo. The festival attracts the best and most beautiful collection of kimonos in Japan.

3# Celebrate The Grand Vagina Festival

We suggest if your itinerary allows it to arrive earlier, like Mid-March, celebrate the female genitalia too at the Hime-no-miya grand vagina festival


So Why Kanamara Matsuri 2020?

The festival starts at 11 am until 4 pm; however it is a good idea to get there earlier because of the festival’s popularity.

Because it’s already packed by 9 am, we suggest you get there early and make your way to the penis-shaped lollipop stand to avoid the queues.

The parade itself happens from 12 pm until 1:30 pm, with most of the activities finishing around the same time.

The good news is the stalls stay open and the many phallic objects are still around for photo opportunities.

What is Kanamara Matsuri?

Kanamara Matsuri is a Japanese festival celebrating the fertility of the male phallus in Kawasaki Japan. The earnings of the festival go to HIV and STD’s research.

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