King’s Day Amsterdam April 2022: Celebrate (Orangely)

Amsterdam, Netherlands Start Date: 27/04/2022 End Date: 27/04/2022
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Enjoy the orange birthday celebration!

Give the color orange a festive meaning by emerging into the orange atmosphere all around during King’s Day Amsterdam (birthday of King Willem-Alexander) celebration.

Notice: King’s Day Amsterdam 2021 (and all Netherlands) is officially cancelled.

Enjoy the orange birthday celebration!

This magnificent city transforms itself into an exhilarating destination at the King’s Day Amsterdam.  Thousands of enthusiasts parade the streets releasing a uniform festive spirit.

Notice: King’s Day Amsterdam 2021 (and all Netherlands) is officially cancelled.

  • King’s Day Amsterdam 2022 is set to be on Wednesday, April 27th.

The celebration covers entertainment for every age group; party lovers to families can overjoy to find several activities. Everyone will have an amazing time, here are some activities to consider

Bredeweg Festival

Is in Amsterdam’s Oost District.  This free event opens the night before King’s day and continues the next day.  It is suited for the whole family with lots of street buzz. There are theater performances, concerts, a fair, and a street market with a variety of local foods including the famous tompouce, a delicious sweet pastry.

Amsterdam water canal

Vrijmarkt (flea markets)

Continue to deligh yourself with the opportunity to sell and buy second hand goods. It is the only day that it is permitted to sell on the streets without a permit and without sales tax.  In Amsterdam, the most popular vrijmarkts are in the Jordaan quarter, the Apollolaan, and the Voldelpark. Historically, this is where kids display their toys and goods for sale.

If you’re in Spain during the end of April then see Seville April Fair and National Cheese Festival in Trujillo.


Canal festivities

Are fun decorated boats enclosing the narrow Amsterdam canal, where passengers can enjoy watching and dancing along the street celebrations.



With the vast majority of public museums and attractions closed on King’s Day, this is a list  of the few museums open; Anna Frank, Artis, Artis Micropia, Diamant Museum Amsterdam, Heineken Experience, Van Gogh Museum, Hortus Botanicus, House of Bols, Rijksmuseum, and Stedelijk Museum.

people celebrating in Amsterdam king's day amsterdam


There are several events at different locations to choose from. Party goers can enjoy huge open air dance floors presenting renounce DJs, releasing all the right beats to jump in jubilee, to a small stage in a local café.

3 Essential Tips for your King’s Day Experience


1○ Amsterdam coffee shops

Do not confuse Amsterdam coffee shops with traditional serving coffee places. These coffee shops actually sell hash, cannabis and other soft drugs, and can be identify by the green and white license sticker on their windows.

2○ Watch out for suspicious cookies

Do not accept cookies from strangers most likely were baked with a suspicious ingredient that might put you to sleep while someone snatches your belongings.

3○ Take care for your belongings

Do not leave your valuables unattended and unchained by the canals especially bicycles as some drunk people might drop them in the canal just for fun.


So why King’s Day Amsterdam?

This unique celebration that emerged when the royal family intended to win popularity among its people, gave birth to a festivity so exuberant that locals and visitors alike get inspired to wear orange and join the fun in the King’s Day Amsterdam.


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