La Tomatina 2022 — A tomato throwing frenzy (in Buñol)

Buñol. Spain Start Date: 31/08/2022 End Date: 31/08/2022

Let The Tomato Throwing Battle Begin!

Are you ready for the tomato fight of your life?

This battle has the ultimate purpose to have fun because everyone is a winner!

Let The Tomato Throwing Battle Begin!

Are you ready for the tomato fight of your life? La Tomatina battle has the ultimate purpose to have fun because everyone is a winner! Come and join around 30 thousand enthusiast arriving from all over the world ready to throw tomatoes at anything that moves or stays still.

  • La Tomatina Buñol is on 31 August 2022, Wednesday.

La Tomatina is held the last Wednesday of August in Buñol, a small town on the Valencia region, you will be fascinated by the town’s atmosphere full of Spanish charm.

The festival starts one week before the anticipated ‘tomato battle’ with the town’s parade, fireworks, street parties, and food activities. An excellent opportunity to meet others, like you, looking for a red juicy adventure.

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Buñol Paella contest 

is the night before la Tomatina. The narrow streets of this medieval town starts to welcome those participating in one of the biggest paella contest worldwide; delight your taste buds and all your senses eating from this traditional dish cooked in giant pans and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious wine pouring from every direction in town.


Tomatoes Fight

Starts early on Wednesday at the last day of August. The town locals cover their doors and windows along the Plaza Mayor in Buñol, in preparation for the ultimate fight that starts at 11:00 am.  The narrow streets welcome the big trucks carrying the precious tomatoes ready to unload them to the anxious fighters.

But first, look for the ham on the large pole, as the tomato fight can only start after someone climbs to the top and brings down the ham.  Subsequently, you will hear the sound of the rocket signaling the beginning of the tomatoes fight, then, you must become an audacious warrior, as the crowds precipitate to grab the more than 120 tons of tomatoes to soak everyone with the juicy red color for about one hour.

If grape battles are more ‘you’, see the Festa des Vermar in Binissalem, Spain


After the Tomato Throwing

Afterwards, continue the fun by showering at the local pool of ‘los penones,’ or the Buñol River.  When you come back to town, the streets will look immaculate since the town’s fire trucks already washed them from the tomato paste.  However, the town is ready to continue the festivity with lots of food and drinks to choose from.


Here is a list of the Civic rules followed by everyone to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Do not bring bottles or other objects that can cause harm.
  • You can only throw squashed tomatoes to avoid harming someone.
  • Be aware of the large trucks driving by, it is suggested to stand in a safe distance.
  • Stop throwing tomatoes at the sound of the second fired rocket.

So Why La Tomatina In Buñol?

Who said vegetables are no fun, for sure after this experience you will never think of tomatoes the same way, so come and enjoy this crazy and adventures festivity.

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