La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival 2022 — (in Argentina)

Mendoza, Argentina Start Date: 25/02/2022 End Date: 06/03/2022
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La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival

Do you think you know how to celebrate? Even if you can throw a first class bash, you’ll be a long way off reaching the standard they do in Mendoza, Argentina.

What do they celebrate? The wine harvest, wine production and basically everything related to wine including the humble grape.

La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival

If you’re in Mendoza from the 25th of February to the 6th of March 2022 (estimated dates) be ready to party. That’s when the La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival takes place. The city explodes with vibrant, colourful festivities for an entire nine days.

What’s special about La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival?

The annual La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival is one of Argentina’s biggest and most important celebrations. It blends together tradition, religion, a touch of carnival and some impressive stage performances. What does it create? A spectacular and unique harvest festival of worldwide renown.

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grapevines before being harvested for la vendimia mendoza wine festival


Bless That Grape

  • Date: February 26th, 2022  (estimated)| Saturday
  • Time: From 9:00 PM
  • Place: Park Agnesi Theater


Without grapes there would be no wine. With that in mind, one of the most significant ceremonies of the Mendoza Wine Festival is the blessing of the fruit or Bendicion de los Frutos. Don’t think for one moment this takes place in the vineyards, it doesn’t.

It’s a massive outdoor stage event held in the Prado Gaucho, an open air venue in the public park of San Martin. The Bendicion de los Frutos, on Saturday the 29th of February is a little bit more than just a few prayers.

The Virgin and the Party

  • Dates: February 22th-26th, 2022 (estimated) | Tuesday-Saturday
  • Time: From 10:oo AM
  • Place: Ludica Winery, Mi Terruño Winery, San Roque Church, Until San Martin (where it ends)


The arrival of the statue of the Virgen de la Carrodilla is accompanied by a thousand voice choir and a live orchestra.

The image of the patron saint of vineyards is carried through the crowds by a group of Argentine cowboys or Gauchos in traditional costume. They place her on a pedestal in a position of honour on the stage.

Symbolic offerings of baskets of grapes are then made to the statue before she’s blessed by the archbishop. Once the blessing is over, the real party begins. Expect to be entertained well into the night by presentations of folk dancing and traditional music before a massive fireworks display lights the skies above Mendoza.

Procession of the Queens

  • Date: March 4th, 2022 (estimated) | Friday
  • Time: From 9:00 PM
  • Place: Central Streets in Mendoza (near San Martin)


Prior to the start of the La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival, each individual district in Mendoza will have elected their candidate for festival queen. On the night of the Procession of the Queens almost the whole population of Mendoza, plus a few more thousands beside, line the city’s pavements.

Led by the previous year’s winner, the beautiful aspirants to the title are driven through the streets on decorated floats. The Procession of the Queens is held on Friday the 6th of March. But the election of the queen doesn’t take place until the following evening.

The La Vendimia Wine Festival Parade

  • Date: March 5th, 2022 (estimated) | Saturday
  • Time: From 10:00 AM 
  • Place: Central streets in Mendoza (near San Martin)


Mendoza loves its processions so much one just isn’t enough. On the Saturday following the Procession of the Queens, the La Vendimia Parade draws everyone onto the streets once again.

The prospective queens are back on their thrones and their floats combine with a carnival-style parade to put on a noisy and colourful show which lasts for hours.

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Be ready to join in with the marching bands and dance troupes, smile at some of the comic costumes and marvel at the Gauchos mounted in horse and cart. It’s a truly amazing day which could only be followed by an even more amazing evening.

The Big Event

  • Dates: March 5th-7th, 2022 (estimated) | Saturday-Monday 
  • Time: 10:00 PM (Saturday, main act), 9:00 PM (Sunday-Monday, repetition of main act)
  • Place: Frank Romero Day Theater


The big event of the La Vendimia Wine Festival traditionally takes place on Saturday the 7th of March. And when Mendoza puts on an event, believe it, they put it on big style.

Held outdoors in the Frank Romero Day Greek Theatre, which has a seating capacity of just under twenty thousand, it’s a very grand, world class spectacular.

Expect traditional music, folk dancing and theatre from over a thousand performers. Yes, the stage really is that big. Is that enough? Not for Mendoza.

Don’t forget your ticket:

There’s also performances from famous artists and the long awaited election of the festival queen. You’ll need to take a cushion to sit on as the seats are stone and this is one long extravaganza. Couldn’t get a ticket? No worries, you won’t miss out because Mendoza never does things once.

The big event or Acto Central is repeated for the following two nights, but without the festival queen elections. Tickets for the big event in 2020 costed (in Argentinian peso):

  • Malbec Sector – $600
  • Tempranillo – $450
  • Cabernet – $250
  • Bonarda y Chardonay – $200
  • For the second and third night – $180 all sectors.


So why La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival?

If you’re planning on attending the La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival you really will need to be prepared to party.

They don’t stop and it’s practically back to back celebrations for several days. There’s really only one thing you need to do to make sure you enjoy yourself and that’s raise your wine glass and say cheers – in Spanish, of course. Salud! Book your room now.


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