New Year’s Eve NYC 2021 — a huge 31 of December Party

Times Square, New York, US Start Date: 31/12/2021 End Date: 31/12/2021

New Year’s Eve NYC

Join the more than one million people coming from all over the map to gather at the quintessential Time Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve NYC!  Rejoice the city’s enchanting chic atmosphere.

New Year’s Eve NYC

Join the more than one million people coming from all over the map to gather at the quintessential Time Square to celebrate New Years Eve NYC!  Rejoice the city’s enchanting chic atmosphere.

Witness the famous ball drop descending for 60 seconds along the millions of resonating voices counting down to scream the anticipated ‘Happy New Year’.

It will be so surreal that there are no words to describe this exhilarating moment encompass with floating laughs, tears, kisses, and a lot of confetti.

the confetti in New Year’s Eve NYC
The confetti entering the new year. By Kohei Kanno via flickr

Afterwards, the party continues at the hundreds of NYC parties organized at several hot spots inside the city, which selection guarantees to please every taste so do not wait and venture into the New Year’s Eve NYC entertainment!

If you’re in New York during June, than check out the music fest Gov Ball 

New Year’s Eve NYC ball drop

Represents the culmination of the old year to welcome the New Year. Such a significant moment where the hopes and dreams of everyone present unleash creating a unique festive unity.

Interestingly, the ball design has gone through some improvements over the years to reflect the present technology.

the times square ball before the action of the New Year’s Eve NYC

Times square ball. By Anthony Quintano via flickr

The original ball was made from wood and iron with 100 incandescent light bulbs.

Morever, its current descendant features a computerized LED lighting system with its outer surface showing triangle-shaped crystal panels.

Nevertheless, the anticipated count down starts exactly at 11:59 pm when the ball drop makes its way down the 77 foot flagpole from atop Time Square so be ready for the confetti, noise makes, and balloons falling everywhere.


New Years Eve in Times Square

Features famous musical performances and celebrity appearances surrounded by endless lights, grand billboards, and timeless streets, intensifying the celebration’s adrenaline.

In 2018 Mariah Carey and Camila Cabello were just some of artists that performed in Time Square.

camila cabello at times square nyc perfroming at new year's eve

Camila Cabello. By Disney ABC Television Group


No wonder the festivity goes beyond the one million people present.

It is also covered by a great number of media outlets broadcasting live to over one billion people worldwide.

This makes New Year’s Eve Time Square one of themost prodigious and fabulous celebration above all. You have convenient access to join one of the fabulous NYC parties hosted in the surroundings.

New York also hosts the last Grand Slam of the year in August-September if your in NYC at that time.

New Year’s Eve NYC parties

Hold the reputation to be so exclusively crazy.

Thousands of people from various parts of the world come exclusively to join the celebrations at the different venues including bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and more.

If you are looking for an A-List New Year’s Eve Party, a mega party at a nightclub, a massive multi-level event at the Webster Hall structure, or a more intimate bar party, definitely you can find the perfect New Year’s Eve party in New York City at every budget and taste.

Just reserve your tickets soon as most parties sell out quick, you don’t want to miss out the fun.


So Why New Years Eve NYC?

Do not wait pick out your outfit. Get ready to scream, and celebrate New Year’s Eve at the fabulous sleepless New York City.

Surely it will be one of the best celebrations in your life time.

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