OktoberFest Munich 2020: Number 1 German Beer Festival

Location: Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany Start Date: 19/09/2020 End Date: 04/10/2020
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Oktoberfest Munich-The Ultimate Festival

Oktoberfest Munich is the largest festival in the entire world! This international festival welcomes around 6 million visitors per year to celebrate the appetizing beer brewed only within the Munich city limits.

Oktoberfest Munich-The Ultimate Festival

Wow, Oktoberfest Munich is the largest festival in the entire world! This international festival welcomes around 6 million visitors per year to celebrate the appetizing beer brewed only within the Munich city limits. No surprise, about 7 million liters (2 million gallons) will be consumed as the beer flows like waterfalls during the event.

  • Oktoberfest 2020 is from  September 19th to October 4th.

The preparations for ‘die Wiesn’ (Oktoberfest) at Theresienwiese’s ground starts as early June. The installation of the massive tents ascends like the anticipation of the grand event.

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A remarkable place to share memorable moments with locals and foreigners that cohesively get inspired by the traditions and attractions offered by this non-comparable festival.  The following is a brief guideline to maximize your experience:

oktoberfest welcoming the people

By Marcho Verch



Oktoberfest Tents

If you have the opportunity to visit all 14 mayor tents you will notice each one have its own unique theme and capacity for thousands of guests, yay!  Nonetheless, consider to come early since they fill up as soon as 11:00 am and afterwards there is no more access.

Consequently, you might be overwhelmed to see everywhere is crowded, especially in the weekends, but don’t panic. It is possible to get a seat without a reservation, the way it works is you have to wait for people to leave then you can take those spots.  Some tents are more popular than others, but at the end of the day, the best Oktoberfest tent is where you can get a seat.


Oktoberfest Beer

three fundamental things you should do: ask for a ‘mass’ the huge mug containing 1 liter of beer, make eye contact during a toast, and scream ‘Ein Prosit’  (cheers).  Also, be ready to get challenged to chug your beer at once, it’s a fun way to bond with others around you.

More importantly, don’t get caught with an empty mug or you will be condemned to seven years of bad sex according to the local superstition.

In addition, you should know each tent pours beer from one of the six breweries represented at the festival; Augustiner, Hacker Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten, all of them following the traditional and strict Bavarian Purity Requirements.

Therefore, you can enjoy the different kinds of Bavarian beers like Märzen (lager) copper, dark, pale, amber, or golden, including different roasts, malts and flavors.  It’s guaranteed everyone will be satisfied with these unique character beers which you would never try at the same time unless you come to Oktoberfest.

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Oktoberfest Amusement Park

have a blast at the funfair where several rollercoasters and about a dozen other rides will filled you with excitement including the two must ride attractions: the Ferris wheel offering one of the most beautiful views of Munich skyline and the Krinoline merry-go-round transporting you back to the 1900s.


Oktoberfest Clothing

 there is no dress code but if you feel inspired you can wear the traditional Bavarian Tracht.  It is extremely fun to blend with thousands of people wearing this costume making you fall deeply into the mood of the Oktoberfest Munich festival like a true Bavarian. Also, wear closed toed shoes because glass is scattered on the grounds as festival-goers drop mugs often.


Oktoberfest Music

there are several live bands playing and singing Oktoberfest Munich songs all over the grounds usually starting at 11 am usually traditional music and in the afternoon switching to a more modern style, you can dance along on the benches but not on the aisles or on top of the tables.


Other Oktoberfest Activities

Here is a list of some memorable solemn events you can attend:

The Costume and Riflemen’s Parade, the Parade of Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries, the opening ceremony with the official tapping of the keg, the Oktoberfest Mass and the “Böllerschießen” (handheld canon salute) in front of the Bavaria statue.


So Why OktoberFest In Munich?

Being part of the biggest festival in the globe is a one of a kind experience you will always remember because where else in the world hugging, dancing, and singing with strangers around you is the norm, of course not to forget, with a delicious beer in hand.

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