Prague Burger Fest September 2022: Indulge a (Juicy) Hamburger

Prague, Czech Republic Start Date: 02/09/2022 End Date: 04/09/2022

Prague Burger Fest

Where’s the biggest burger and barbecue festival outside of the US held? If you guessed in Prague, you’d be right.

Though let’s be honest. If you hadn’t read it in the title, you’d probably have got it wrong. But it’s true.

Prague Burger Fest

Prague Burger Fest

The capital of the Czech Republic, renowned for its cultural sophistication, really does go all-american for a whole weekend.

  • Prague Burger Fest is from 2-4 September 2022
  • Entree to the festival is free

In the first weekends of September forget about sampling the local goulash. When the city has its annual Prague Burger Fest, at the Holesovice Exhibition Grounds, burger mania takes over.

a massive burger in the prague burger fest

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What is Prague Burger Fest All About?

The Prague Burger Fest is an amazing outdoor food festival celebrating America’s favorite food, the burger. Sponsored by the American Embassy and the Jack Daniels whiskey company, the festival is all about elevating the reputation of the humble beef pattie to the gastronomical heights it truly deserves.

It’s the right place to be to get a good grilling too as expert grill masters are flown in from the States just for the event. So you keep your eyes open and you’ll learn a thing or two about flipping burgers.

If you’re more of a cheese person, then see the National Cheese Festival in Trujillo

Is the Prague Burger Fest just about burgers? No, it isn’t. There’s everything going on from stand up comedy to fashion shows, live music plus the all important barbecuing exhibitions and contests. There’s plenty of beer flowing, plus food trucks and of course, lots of great burgers to chow down on.

The 100 CZK (around $4.50 USD) admittance fee covers both days and allows you to come and go as you please. The Prague Burger Fest grillers light their charcoal at 10am and don’t put them out until 10pm. That’s a lot of barbecuing. So get to Prague and make sure you don’t miss out on Europe’s biggest burger and barbecue party.

Burger Eating Contest

There’s one thing you can’t have a burger fest without and that’s a burger eating contest. You’ll need a lot of sauce to participate in the one at the Prague Burger Fest and be a quick chewer too. To be the festival’s champion you need to munch your way through an astonishing ten burgers in just two minutes.

burger eating contest in prague burger fest

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That’s a lot of beef and buns to demolish in such a short time. No, no-one has quite managed it yet. Last year’s winner scoffed just five to find himself in first place. What does the winner receive? A basket full of goodies including a camera, a big bottle of Jack Daniels and a bad case of indigestion.

BBQ Pit Boys Demo

Barbecuing food takes a certain amount of cooking skill to get the desired end result. No-one wants to eat a piece of meat which is as carbonised as the fuel it’s cooked on. The Prague Burger Fest flies in the expert BBQ Pit Boys from the States to make sure everyone finds out just how it should be done.

Do they come quietly? No, they really like to make their presence felt and arrive at the fest on a cavalcade of Harley Davidsons. Once the braziers have been stoked and the coals are glowing, they put on a fantastic demonstration of the grilling skills they’ve become famous for as well as disclosing one or two of their secret, barbecuing recipes.

the pit boys at the prague burger fest

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Vintage Class

Classic motorcycles are not just driven through the streets at The Prague Burger Fest. There’s a whole exhibition of over ninety vintage Harley Davidson models which is open to the public both days of the festival. There’s no extra admittance fee either.

Don’t miss checking out which one you’d love to ride down Route 66. If you prefer four wheels to two, then you’ll love the presentation of vintage cars by the 1st US Veteran Car Club. They’ve got everything from chevy’s to cadillacs and the odd transam too.

Amateur Grill Show

If you think you have a flair for creative cookery, then you ought to enter the Amateur Grill Show Challenge. As all good chefs should, you’ll need to do some pre-prep. Just before the festival, the organisers publish a list of ingredients from which you’ll need to create a unique burger recipe.

The Oktoberfest in Munich is another top event in September

Your recipe must be submitted for judging prior to the festival. If it’s chosen, then you get one hour to prepare and cook your recipe in front of the challenge judges during the festival. The tastiest, best looking burger wins.

 amateur show at the prague burger fest

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Food Trucks

If cooking your own dinner isn’t on the agenda, don’t worry. It wouldn’t be an all-american food festival without food trucks and stalls. There’s really no shortage of them at the Prague Burger Fest. Manned by chefs from over seventy local restaurants and some international ones, they’re all there to exhibit their burger making and barbecuing skills so no-one is going to go hungry.

The fest’s trademarked motto might be – in beef we trust- but even vegetarians have nothing to beef about at the Prague Burger Fest. Most off the food stalls also have vegetarian burgers on their menus.

JD Trucks

There’s nothing like a truck load of whiskey to get a party started. The Jack Daniel’s truck, a hunk of gleaming monogrammed metal and chrome, pulls a massive trailer which has been converted into a bar.

From there the Prague Burger Fest’s number one sponsor dishes out delicious bourbon based cocktails, bourbon on the rocks and some great bourbon based competitions. You can even get a JD postcard to let the folks back home know exactly where you’ve been.

Live On Stage

The Prague Burger Fest not only rocks the barbecue, but two different stages as well. Yes, you can expect the live music to have an American flavor. There are performances from various tribute bands such as Kiss and ZZ Top as well as hip swivelling Elvis impersonators.

music at the prague burger fest

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The program changes every year, so you won’t have the same lineup year after year. Plenty of local bands also put on their own shows. There’s no shortage of jokes from the stand up comedians who perform both afternoons of the festival.

So Why Prague Burger Fest?

Whether you like your burgers with cheese, relish or even a stray slice of gherkin, you’ll find one to your taste at the Prague Burger Fest.

You won’t be alone either. There’ll be over four thousand kilos of beef getting a good grilling before it’s slipped between some of the over thirty five thousand burger buns which are usually consumed during the fest.

Now that’s a barbecue. If you feel guilty at the thought of eating too many burgers, don’t. It’s all in a good cause and a hefty percentage of the profits are donated to various charities around the city.

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