Savor Week Craft Beer 2020: Washington DC Beer Festival

Washington D.C, USA Start Date: 15/05/2020 End Date: 15/05/2020

Savor Week  Craft Beer 

How long ago did you have a genuine chance to be with your friends or loved ones and spend some quality time together this year?

Savor Week  Craft Beer 

Savor Week Craft Beer

How long ago did you have a genuine chance to be with your friends or loved ones and spend some quality time together this year? And by spending time together, I mean taking part in any of the popular events in the country. Well, you don’t have to worry yourself anymore.

  • The Savor Week Craft Beer is coming to you in Washington D.C, 2020 May 15.

Join the rest and have fun while learning more about the dynamic world of the Savor Craft Beer which has since been recognized as the premier food and craft beer event.

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About Savor craft beer

The Savor craft beer is one of the interesting events which are held every year. It is an American event which gives all the attendees a taste and experience of what is going on in the world of food and beer around the country all in one place.

Not only will the participants indulge in a unique beer creation from the various diversities, but they will also get the chance to rub shoulders with some of the remarkable personalities behind the craft beers that will be served.

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A social event with food

This event gives you an opportunity to enjoy drinking the various brands of beer together with your loved ones. It has the kind of fun that you could only imagine exists. All the attendees get a chance to taste the many varieties of beer brands available.

Talking about the food and drinks event, you will also have the opportunity to fill your stomach with insanely delicious foods as well. Yeah, that’s right, it is not a drinking event only but eating is also part of the festival as well; it is food and drinks pairing event if I may add.

Savor Week Craft Beer Activities

Without further ado or say, here are some of the Savor Craft Beer activities you will participate in:

  • Better than ever food pairings. The pairing of the craft beer and food will be available in small plates that match the taste profiles of each and every craft beer. You just cannot miss out on the variety of food items available as well as the two-ounce sample tasting of craft beer. You can be part of the food and beer pairing expertise with the Brewers Association Executive chef.
  • Cheese station. Guess who will be coordinating the cheese table at this event? It is none other than the American Cheese Society. The menu is available with the breakfast inspired beers such as the Terrapin Beer Company’s wake-n-Bake Oatmeal Imperial Stout. I think this is proof enough that you are about to have a cheese situation at hand soon
  • The oyster bar. Let us just say that if you are a lover of oyster or even so if you are looking to taste one, the oyster bar is the perfect place for you to try it out. At the table hosting you will be the Choptank Oyster Company which is popularly known for its sustainably harvested oysters.


Get Your Entry

Ensure to get your tickets as early as possible so as to enjoy some of the breathtaking experiences at the Savor American Craft beer and food event this year!

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