Songkran Water Festival Battle April 2022: In Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand Start Date: 13/04/2022 End Date: 15/04/2022
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Thai culture takes not only their holidays seriously, but also their fun— and they take it super seriously.

In celebration of the Thai New Year, Songkran, the entire country

Songkran Water Festival

Songkran Water Festival

Goes wild in an enormous, colorful, water fighting frenzy, and music. Streets are flooded, especially in Bangkok, with crowds dowsing each other with anything that can shoot — or dump — water.

Soaking wet, yet laughing wildly, the Thais bring in the New Year with extreme style; and crowds from all over the world flock to Bangkok to witness it in all of Songkran Water Festival glory.

people pouring and splashing water at each other in the songkran water festival

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During the days of April 13th – 15th, 2022, the country celebrates Songkran by closing down many shops, reuniting with family and friends, visiting temples, cleaning, throwing street parties, and well, having massive water fights.

If you also want hear some top DJ’s in Songkran, see the music festival poster below.

If your into food battles then see these food fights from Spain and Italy.


Why the water?

The water acts as a symbol of purification: of washing away the worries, misfortunes, and grievances of the previous year. Simultaneously, it is “cleaning the slate” for a fresh start to the new year.

Traditionally, Thai’s gently pour a bowl of water over loved ones for this very reason; it acts as a sort of spirit bath. So, if you find yourself spraying your best friend in the head with a load of water, remind them that you are doing them a great service.

2 kids at songkran water festival chucking water from a bucket at people

The non-traditional gentle way
Image By: Kazuhiro Nakamura


Where in Bangkok to go for the Songkran Water Festival?

Depending on your mood (and possibly your group of friends), there are various different ways you can experience Songkran — here are the top 4:

Sanam Luang 

This is where you are going to want to be on the morning of April 12th; it will be across the beautiful Grand Palace. Here, the ‘Phra Buddha Sihing,’ Buddha statue, is carried along the streets to for people to worship and sprinkle perfume water upon.

If you miss the first day, though, that’s okay — the statue will be kept at Sanam Luang for the following three days. In this area, there will also be many other local merits and traditions taking place.


This is usually where the main party is: by main we mean the biggest and wildest. Completely jam-packed with beaming youth and giant splashes, this crowd stretches the length of 5 km!

What’s great about this section of the party is that you can view it from an upper level in order to try and maintain relatively dry while still experiencing the blissful chaos of it all.

splashing and pouring water at songkran water festival in silom bangkok

The water frenzy in Silom
Image By: YANG HAI


Khoa San Road 

Looking to get completely soaked in the midst of an insane party? Khoa San is your road. With a loads of alcohol and frequent DJ dance parties, visiting this street is a sure way to start off the Thai New Year with thrill.

Phra Pradaeng District 

As opposed to the raging party-vibe, Phra Pradaeng District is much more traditional. Luckily, the celebration here takes place about a week later than the Bangkok parties, so you don’t have to compromise on which experience to have.

This celebration is filled with much more Songkran cultural significance — don’t worry though, you will still get splashed. Along with the splashes, however, you will also get the pleasure of experiencing Thai-Raman flag dances and ceremonies, boat races, parades, and many more.

Songkran S2o Music Festival 2020 (Cancelled)

If you thought there’s only a crazy water battle going on, well your wrong. Songkran also boasts an amazing music festival from April 11-13 in Live Park, Bangkok.

Some of the headliners in 2020 included: Dash Berlin, Don Diablo, Jonas Blue, Marlo, Zedd.

Siam Songkran Music Festival 2020 (Cancelled)

Bangkok Really does go all the way in Songkran when it comes to music. If S20 fest isn’t enough, then the mind blowing acts in Siam Songkran Festival will truly mind F you.

Afrojack, Darren Styles, Andrew Rayal, and more performers on their way will perform at Siam at Urban Yard Bangkok. See the list below:

siam songkran music festival in april 2020 lineup


So Why Songkran Water Festival?

So, if you are looking for a perfect combination of a cultural immersion and serious fun, the world’s largest water fight, during Sangkron in Bangkok, is absolutely the experience for you. This April, join the mass flock to Bangkok and playfully clean your slate for the new year.

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