SXM Music Festival 2022: in the Stunning (Island) Saint Martin

Saint Martin (Island), Caribbean Sea. Start Date: 09/03/2022 End Date: 13/03/2022

SXM Music Festival

Hypnosis. Psychedelia. Ecstasy. . . This March, you can run your fingers through the sea breeze as you feel the waves of dance music move through your body.

Radiate in and out of your ocean of bliss. Where might these awe-struck feelings arise? At the tropical techno paradise of SXM Music Festival on the island of Saint Martin.

SXM Music Festival

Back for their fourth year in March, SXM Music Festival will be impressing you.

With 6 days of non-stop grooving from March 10th – 15th  in 2021, of spectacular electronic dance music DJs such as:

Akufen, Bedouin, Bonobo, Cassy, DJ Tennis, and Enzo Siragusa!

See the 2020 lineup phase 1&2 below:

sxm music festival 2020 lineup phase one and two


The Caribbean Dream Getaway with Music

The magical Caribbean Saint Martin Island enjoys perfect year-round temperatures, pristine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and flora and fauna to delight all the senses.

Taking place in the middle of the Americas, where heavy European and West African influence is abundant, SXM aims to use this utopian location to open up a portal to the New World, uniting music and dance lovers from all across the globe.

Marigot Saint Martin
by Kevin Gabbert


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The parties will be endless. All day and all night, carefully scattered throughout the island, you will continuously find new and stunning venues to get down and funky to.

Plus, SXM will also be hiding a wondrous number of secret parties on boats, private properties, and unsuspecting locations. You must get out and spread your social butterfly wings to know where to go!

Saint Martin Island Boat Party


SXM Music Festival Tips


1○ Don’t worry about the booze

At some festivals, it is both difficult and expensive to buy alcohol, so people oftentimes bring bottles from home. Fear not!

At SXM, this will not need to be the case. Saint Martin takes their wine and alcohol very seriously- you will experience an abundance of each. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

2○ Seek out your favorites

While most festivals will have about 10 security guards protecting their musicians.

SXM actually encourages their DJs to stay for the entire length of the festival and get out into the crowds and socialize with their fans. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know some amazing DJs!

3○ Stay a little longer in St. Martin

If your plan may be to stay on the island for just the 5 days of the festival, it is highly recommended that you consider staying longer.

Last year, many people said their only complaint was that they didn’t plan more time to further enjoy the island.

While the festival is a blast, exploring the island itself is a whole other vacation. In the next section, you will get a better idea of why.


So Why SXM Music Festival?

The winter blues have set in: stale routines, perhaps too much napping, and a pressing desire to release your inner wildness in the sunshine. While yearning for summer, March, April, and May seem like the longest months of all time. There is an escape, a solution: SXM Music Festival.

You don’t have to wait until summer to let loose and free that beautiful spirit of yours. You now have a golden ticket to a psychedelic, techno, tropical wonderland.

Where to Stay for SXM Music Festival?

Happy Bay Beach is the best choice to stay for SXM Music Festival. Two other options to stay for the St.Martin fest: Marigot and Grand Case.

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