Tango BA Festival 2021: Seductive Dancing in Buenos Aires

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina Start Date: 26/08/2021 End Date: 30/08/2021

Tango BA Festival

When you hear the dulcet strains of a tango do you think of Paris? If you do, you really need to think again.

While the dramatic dance is often associated with the city of romance, the true home of tango is the South American country of Argentina.

Tango BA Festival

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, pays an annual tribute to the amazing and very sensual dance when it holds the Tango BA Festival and World Championship. For two weeks the sultry tango music can be heard all over the La Boca district throughout the day and well into the night.

  • Tango BA Festival 2021 dates are from August 26th-30th



What is Tango BA Festival all about?

You don’t need to be a professional tango dancer to either enjoy or participate in the Tango Festival Buenos Aires. What you do need is a love of dance and of course, the tango. The festival itself is divided into two distinct parts.

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The first few days are for everyone to join in and are dedicated to tango dancing en masse, classes and workshops. The second part of the event brings together professional tango dancers from all over the world who take to the stage for the Tango World Championship.

Tango Festival Buenos Aires – Part 1:


Music Maestro

One essential part of any dance festival is the accompanying music. The tango demands its own special style of music and the Tango Buenos Aires Festival doesn’t stint on it in either quality or quantity. Be prepared to feel your spirit stirred when the festival opens with a concert of tango classics performed by the best tango orchestras and vocalist there are.

It doesn’t end when the last notes fades either. During the days of the festival there are over a hundred more concerts from top performers all over the city. The best thing? They’re all free to attend.

Think you’ve got two left feet or just not sure how to tango? Don’t despair.

Free Tango Dance Classes

From day one of the Tango Festival Buenos Aires there are dance classes which are completely free to participate in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner who has never set foot on a dance floor or someone who knows the basic steps, but would like to learn more.

There are classes for all levels. Even if you’re a master strutter of your stuff, you’ll find there’s lots of tips and tango tricks you can pick up as the classes are taught by the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires.

The classes are held in the afternoons in the grand salon of the Usina del Arte auditorium and community centre in the La Boca district. To join in with a class, all you need to do is turn up and sign the inscription form half an hour before the class is due to begin.

Make sure you’re attending a class of the right level. If your Spanish isn’t up to much and you’re not sure which is which, here’s a brief translation:

Principiante – Beginner. Intermedio – Intermediate. Avanzado – Advanced



It’s time to put your best foot forward and say let’s dance or better still, let’s tango. An important and integral part of the Tango BA festival are the milongas.

A milonga is a congregation of folk who’ve got together just to dance the Argentine Tango. Milongas are not just part of the festival, but part of what tango dancing in general is all about.

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Milongas can take place anywhere add invariably do. From small social clubs to bars and even out on the open streets. When you hear the haunting notes of the bandoneon it really is the moment to get out there on the dance floor and give it your all.

Don’t forget to go round in the same direction as everyone else and don’t go across the middle of the dance floor – that’s really bad tango etiquette.

Once you’ve done several circuits of the dance floor and become a fully fledged milonguero, or tango dancer, it’ll be time to sit back and watch how the experts do it.


Tango Festival Buenos Aires – Part 2:

Tango World Championships

Believe it or not, the couples who participate in the World Tango Championship don’t arrive there by chance. They’re dedicated to dance and have had to tango their way through several preliminary rounds in their own countries before getting to Buenos Aires.

Split into two distinct dance categories, Salon Tango and Stage Tango, the dancers really do know their moves. Is that enough? No. There’s a whole host of elimination rounds they need to compete through before someone gains the coveted world title.

The Tango World Championship grand final isn’t just a stage event, it’s a stadium-sized event held in the Luna Park Stadium which has a seating capacity of over nine thousand. That’s how seriously Argentina takes its tango.

Want to go to the Tango World Championship? Check out the tips section to find out how to get your free ticket.

So Why Tango BA Festival?

Whether you’re watching or participating, being in Buenos Aires during the Tango Festival BA and World Championship is guaranteed to ignite your sensual side. It would be impossible not to succumb to the romanticism of the music or the passion of the tango movements. Even if you’re not as nimble on your feet as Richard Gere, the question is, shall we dance?

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