TEFAF Maastricht Art Festival 2021: What to Know

Maastricht, Netherlands. Start Date: 11/09/2021 End Date: 19/09/2021

TEFAF Maastricht Art Festival

Life is full of many issues not to mention the busy nature it presents itself. If that’s the case with you, taking your time off to reflect and seek inspiration is all you need.

The perfect place is to visit an art fair where human creativity through art is showcased for all to see.

TEFAF Maastricht Art Festival

TEFAF Maastricht Art Festival

Art is a seamless way of passing on intricate information piled up in amazing pieces of fine art and antiques which have carried meaning through generations.

TEFAF Maastricht Art Festival, East meets West in an old fashioned yet modern. Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Center for the 33th annual fair from From September 11th – 19th, 2021.

The 2020 edition of TEFAF Maastricht art fair marks its fourth decade since its inception. It’s already getting ready for the large number of exhibitionist, visitors and all the stakeholders including celebrities and showcase participants.

What will you see at TEFAF?

With more than 270 established exhibitionist from around the globe, TEFAF Maastricht also includes young talents and minds in addition to new dealers.

For every new edition, the event remains to be the meeting place for renowned artist, exhibitionists, institutions, cooperates, art enthusiasts, collectors and most importantly people ready to spend on what they love most.

On that count, be ready for a whooping nine gallery section that includes:

TEFAF curated, classical antiquities, antiques, design, modern art, paintings, photographs, showcase and TEFAF Haute Joaillerie (high jewelry). These 9 sections will draw you closer to the real world of fine art and antiques.

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In the 2020 edition, expect new exhibitionist meaning more and more art to display. All these takes place at the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Center.

It is an ultra-modern venue that hosts conferences, sporting and cultural events including accommodation for the fair just a few to mention.

If the three floor sections are not enough to house the fair, nothing is big enough. So if you are planning on visiting Maastricht in the Netherlands, you won’t be disappointed.

So Why TEFAF Maastricht Art Festival?

Art is art but when you visit TEFAF Maastricht, it is taken to overdrive. With ample stay and welcoming people, the event is much better.

You get to see fine art at its best and get a glimpse of new talents and showcases that leaves you totally different.

The food cuisines are exotic with blends of local recipes all presented with class. You get to rub shoulders with celebrities, prominent people and artists.

At the end of the event, what you take home may change your life forever. So, make early reservation by booking in the right places for a comfy stay in Maastricht.

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