Tomorrowland Winter Festival: March 2020 (Second Festival!)

L'Alpe d'Huez France

Tomorrowland Winter Festival

The enchanting snowy landscape glistens in the sun. You hear the hymn of a very special frozen lotus and feel it reverberate throughout your being. Unable to help yourselves, you and 30,000 other funkadelics trance-dance the sparkling day into a luminescent night. . .

Tomorrowland Winter Festival

The Tomorrowland Winter Festival will be as kaleidoscopic, unique, and entrancing as the snowflakes you catch on your tongue.

Where is the Festival?

Snow? Snowflakes? You are reading correctly. On a 91m2 swath of mystical mountainside, over a mile high in the sky, your favorite festival, Tomorrowland, will fuse with winter. This breathtaking festival will take place on the dreamscape slopes of L’Alpe d’Huez, France in March, 2020.

See the winter fest 2019 lineup below:

tomorrowland winter festival lineup 2019

Skiing and Dancing

Beautifully located in the French Western Alps, the festival will be set at the base of some of the most pristine ski runs in the world. How many ski runs? 123 ski runs — spanning 154 miles, including Europe’s longest ski run.

The village and ski resort of L’Alpe d’Huez will be exclusively reserved for the attendees of Tomorrowland Winter Festival. With over 300 days of sun, your ski adventure in the Alps is bound to be luminous!

Tomorrowland traditionally hosts world renowned EDM musicians such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack. The 2019 lineup will be announced soon, and we are positive it will be just as juicy (if not juicier) than years past.

So, People of Tomorrow, what are you waiting for?

“Live today. Love tomorrow. Unite forever.” — People of Tomorrow


SO Why Tomorrowland Winter Festival?

March 2019, will you be making snow angels in the sunshine, smiling up at your dancing friends while anticipating the next bass drop? Will you be riding the omnipresent waves of bliss down a glistening, snowy mountainside?

Will you be joining hands (and hearts, awe) with the highly cherished People of Tomorrow in the psychedelic, wintery dreamscape slopes of Tomorrowland Winter Festival? We sure hope so. Wild on.

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