Woodstock Festival 2019: All You Need to Know

Watkins Glen, NY, United States Start Date: 16/08/2019 End Date: 18/08/2019
  • Woodstock 50 is officially cancelled

This is the most essential review you’ll see for the Woodstock Festival 2019:

From the Woodstock 19 lineup and camping ins and outs. To Travel ideas around the festival and getting there.

You’ll even have priceless festival tips and all the must-have festival info.

Time to get ready for Woodstock 50.

What I’ll show you for Woodstock Festival 2019

Woodstock Festival 2019

two people talking at Woodstock Festival 1969

Image by: Redmond and Paul Campbell


To make your life easier, here’s the preview index of the festival and the event extras


1# The lineup

 2# Tickets

 3# Woodstock 19 Q&A

4# What to Bring?

5# Woodstock 19 Tips

6# What to do in Watkins Glen

7# Camping at Woodstock and Where to stay near Woodstock

8# What and Where to eat?

9# How to Get There?

10# Woodstock History


What’s the Deal with Woodstock 2019 Lineup?

First thing about the lineup:

Woodstock 19 won’t be like Woodstock 69. Get that in your head. It’s been over 50 years so don’t expect the same music culture. America is not at war with Vietnam. You can’t compare Miley Cyrus with Jannis Joplin or Jay-Z with Jimi Hendrix.

Now that your head is straight, let’s look at the lineup:

woodstock festival 2019 lineup

A (very) Mixed Genres

At first glance, the headliners are a mix of everything including some legendary acts (Santana). You can see the idea is something for everyone (if you’re still in 69, move along, like 50 years).

You’ve got some pop, rock, rap, legendary acts, you name it.

Just imagine yourself watching Santana playing as they used to.

Still, there are 2 huge music genres you won’t see in Woodstock 50:

  • EDM
  • Heavy Metal


If you’re a big fan of any, you’re in the wrong place. See Wacken Open Air for Heavy Metal or Electric Forest for EDM.

Some people also say the Woodstock 19 lineup resembles the Bonnaroo 2008 lineup. Could be, but I’m sure if Bonnaroo existed in 69, it would have resembled the Woodstock 69 lineup. See for yourself the lineup:

bonnaroo 2018 lineup

There are so much more festivals today back then, so it only makes sense. Is Woodstock Festival 19 better than other festivals such as Bonnaroo 19? Probably not, but I’ll get to that.

A natural fit would have been Tame Impala, but you can’t have them all…

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But the remaining question is:

Is anyone on the list worth it?

Let’s start by saying, if you’re part of a fan base of anyone, then no problem (depending on ticket price, but we’ll get to that).

If not, then I’ll choose some mixed acts for you.

The easiest way to do that is to who we want to see live is by the stages:

the complete lineup schedule with stages of Woodstock festival 2019

My Woodstock Choices for You

Here are my acts you can choose from or say my choices are shit. That’s totally fine by me.


Friday – August 16

  • The Music Stage – Santana. One of the original 69’s, Santana will always know their stuff, and they are legends.
  • The Peace Stage – The Raconteurs. These dudes are a perfect fit for Woodstock.
  • The Love Stage – Run the Jewels. Different from the acts mentioned before, but seeing these guys live is worth it.


Woodstock festival 2019 Sunday August 16 lineup schedule


Saturday – August 17

  • The Love Stage – Used to be the Black keys but they cancelled. Instead, go for Edward Sharpe & and the Magnetic Zeros. This act will give you a ‘good feeling’ which any festival craves.
  • The Music Stage – Portugal. The Man. If any band can get you addicted, it’s these guys.
  • The Peace Stage – Sturgill Simpson. Bringing back the simplicity of a guitar.


Woodstock festival 2019 Sunday August 17 lineup schedule


Sunday – August 18

  • The Peace Stage – Jay Z. Some may disagree (probably a lot), but Jay Z will get you moving.
  • The Love Stage – Cage the Elephant. These dudes just know how to give a performance (and the music is good).
  • The Love Stage – Halsey. I like a lot of her music, and she can perform (expect New Americana, that – is – garbage).


Woodstock festival 2019 Sunday August 18 lineup schedule


I hope I cleared your mind about the lineup.

From what you’ve seen, there should be at least 2-3 acts that are right for you.

The Complete Woodstock 19 Lineup List by Stage

With so many other festival lineups it still might be hard to choose (unless EDM or Heavy Metal is ‘you’).

Well, what about the ticket prices?

How much are Woodstock 2019 Tickets?

Woodstock Festival 2019 tickets were originally to be sold on April 22, 2019, but the organizers postponed to an unknown date.

Michael Lang mentioned cancellation Woodstock 50 as only “rumors”. 

Since the tickets haven’t been released yet, we still can’t say exactly what the Woodstock 19 prices are. We can only speculate for now.

What we can say for sure is that there won’t be any single day tickets confirmed by Michael Lang.

On the bright side, we do have a range for how much Woodstock 19 tickets will cost you.

Let’s have a look then:

The most common and cheapest – GA (General Admission) Tickets

Looking into Bonnaroo 4 day tickets, the first tier was $279, and the last one is $349. Another festival, Shaky Knees is at $189 for the cheapest 3-day tickets.

If the tickets will sell fast (you should bet on it), then our guess would be around $280. I believe the size of the festival is much closer to Bonnaroo, and there I honestly see only 1 tier.

For Woodstock Festival 2019. It’s also 1 day less than Bonnaroo.

Notice the price is without camping fees, which we will get to later.

For some extra luxury – VIP Tickets

If there will be VIP tickets for Woodstock 50 anniversary, well, you’ll need a deeper pocket. Bonnaroo VIP costs a whopping $825, while Shaky Knees costs $695.

Still playing on the VIP option, you will most likely need to dig out around $750.

Going Royalty all the way – Platinum Tickets

Same as VIP tickets, Platinum tickets are in doubt. But if Woodstock 19 go platinum, then prepare for the entire royalty set. Bonnaroo platinum is at $3275 and Shaky Knees $1600.

Cheap, isn’t it? Well, looking at these festivals, you should have around $3000 spare as I see it.


That’s just the tickets.

What about camping and getting there? Food?

There’s an extra estimation for camping and food you can see in the event extras below.

avocado pieces with tomato slices and cucumber slices and a sauce on a piece of bread

Image by: europe beyond division


Continue reading to see 4 useful Woodstock tips and some travel tips in the event extras.


As mentioned before, here’s what’s next for your Woodstock 19:

-Woodstock Festival 2019 Q&A

-What to Bring?

-4 essential Woodstock 19 tips

-What to do in Watkins Glen and around

-Camping and staying around Woodstock

-Getting there with cars, shuttle and more

-A word or 2 about the Woodstock history.


Q&A to your Woodstock Legendary 19 questions


1. Where is the closest hospital near Watkins Glen?

Schuyler Hospital is the closest hospital near Watkins Glen.

You can get there by highway 14, and it’s located near Mountain Falls, around 10 minutes’ drive from Watkins Glen. There’s also a medical center in Watkins Glen named Arnot Health Medicare.

In any case, it’s advised to use Woodstock’s 50 first aid before rushing out of the festival.

2. Who are the organizers of Woodstock 2019?

The organizers for Woodstock 2019 are Michael Lang (the same one from Woodstock 69), with Woodstock Ventures LLC.

3- Will Woodstock be free?

No. Woodstock Festival 2019 is not a free venue. Woodstock is a Low Liability Company (LLC) listed in the United States.

4- Is Woodstock dog-friendly?

No. Animals of any kind are not allowed into the music festival. On a personal note, your animal would have suffered in Woodstock. Don’t bring your pet.

5- Is Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes?

Yes. Watkins Glen is in the Finger Lakes region, which also includes the venue of Woodstock 2019: Watkins Glen National Park.

6- Are there free water stations in Woodstock 50?

Unless the organizers surprise us, there will be free water stations in Woodstock 19. In 99 there were also free water stations, and by almost all festivals have free and clean water stations.

7- What is the capacity of Woodstock 2019?

The capacity of Woodstock 2019 is currently around 75,000 people. Before it was around 120,000 people. It includes camping and non-camping. The number of available tickets and capacity are not confirmed yet by the Woodstock organizers.

8- Are Open Flame Grills allowed in Woodstock 50?

No. Open Flame Grills are not allowed in Woodstock Festival 2019. In fact, open flame grills are not allowed in other Watkins Glen events. This is largely because of the charcoal ban.

9- What is the age limit of Woodstock 19?

The current age limit of Woodstock 2019 is 21 and over. This might be subject to change by the festival organizers.

10- Is it allowed to bring your own alcohol?

Yes, but only in the camping zone. Bringing your own alcohol to the festival stage area won’t be permitted. There also might be an alcohol limit (yet to be confirmed) in the camping zone.

Now that you know all about the festival, you still need to know what to bring. Get ready to pack.

11- What will the weather be like in Woodstock 50 and Watkins Glen?

At the highest level the weather in Watkins Glen will be around 82 Fahrenheit. At the lowest around 57 Fahrenheit. The forecast can change until August.


What to bring for Woodstock Festival 2019?

Like in any other festival, there are your ‘must haves’, your maybes, and personal items.

Since no 2 people won’t arrive the same way, we’ll see 4 ways:

– The absolute must-haves

– If you are Camping

– Items that could help

– If you’re with a car (all are optional)


The absolute must-haves:

Personal hygiene items such as


Tooth Paste (1 per group)

Period pads (For the ladies)

Cash + 15% more than your original budget

2 – big water bottles or a hydro bag (you can refill in the festival)

2 – lighters (1 always gets lost)

Bring clothes for each day (+1 extra. You never know)

Warm clothes (Could get cold at night)

1 – Umbrella

Comfortable shoes (or comfortable sandals)

1 –  Phone charger

1 –  non-plastic bag (to clean up after yourself)

colored toothbrush with tooth paste

Image by: AisforAmy91


If you are Camping:

A Tent

A powerful lantern (per group. Your phone won’t be enough)

1 – Towel

1 – Shampoo (per group)

3 –  paper rolls (per person)

1 – Shower Gel (per group)

First aid kit

1 – big carpet (for a group)

lots of tents near a lake at a camping zone

Image by: uzenk-doezenk


Items that could help

Dry food (nuts, dry meet, fruit)

Cleansing Wipes

Fanny Pack

Plastic against rain (for your bags)

Solar charger

Portable shower

salted peanuts

Image by: marco verch


If you’re with a car (all are optional)

1- large cooler

1 – air mattress

Camping chairs

cooler full with beer near the sea

Image by: sandrene-zhang


You’ll also have your own items. But keep these in mind and don’t over pack if you’re without a car.


Your very own 4 essential Woodstock Festival 2019 Tips


1# Always (and I mean it) stay hydrated

The last thing you want is to find yourself waking up in a hospital bed knowing that the festival is all over for you.

Bring electrolytes to stay extra hydrated. You can also bring a hydration bag to keep your festival going.


a person drinking water from a bottle

Image by: Ben Andreas Harding


2# Choose your acts before

Let’s face it, you won’t see every act in Woodstock. So what you can do is prepare for your favorite acts, and leave space for artists and stages you’ve never heard of. That way, you won’t feel you missed out on any big act.

3# Leave your troubles at home

Yes, I admit, it’s a cliché. But many clichés have a good point, and never more in a festival like Woodstock. You have to be free minded and loving to enjoy all Woodstock 2019 will offer you.


a free minded girl in the fields

Image by: Quan Nguy N


4# Conserve your energy

Festivals are marathons. Ask anyone with festival experience they will all say the same.

Think about it this way:

You peaked so hard on your first night. But on the other 2 nights, you burnt out and couldn’t even see your favorite act. Or enjoy the entire Woodstock experience. Meh.


After the prices and lineup, you must be thinking:

Should I go to Woodstock Festival 2019?

From the ticket prices (if the valuation is correct) and the lineup you should be at Woodstock 50. I know I’ll be there.

The festival won’t be as legendary as the 69 one, but awesome people will be there with great vibes and good music.

Woodstock Festival 2019 will be a unique experience and might be the only Woodstock you’ll ever attend. All you have to do is think of that moment you’ll see your ticket.

Does Woodstock have single day tickets?

No. Woodstock Festival 2019 will only sell the complete 3 day tickets to the event.
Michael Lang the Woodstock 50 organizer has confirmed this.

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