Music Festival Fitness: Stay Over 96% fit (up to 3 festival days)

Music Festival Fitness

music festival fintess

A fit body for music festivals

Festival season marks the start of endless late nights having fun with friends, but it’s also marks a tough time for your health and fitness.

  • The Music festival fitness videos are below

In this article, I am going to show you how to stay fit throughout your time at a festival.

The unfortunate part is that working out during a festival is, in most cases difficult and in many cases, just not practical. You worked hard to achieve your rocking body.

I could never find a way to workout during a music festival.  Until I created a simple and easy to follow Fest Fit workout that helped me stay fit and healthy the entire time.

Fest Fit is going to provide you with one of the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use guide with videos for staying in shape during a festival. Everything from what to eat, to how to keep your fitness and strength up:

Benefits of The Fest Fit Workout

training with a bar

Increases Energy Levels

Training for strength and improving your cardio will enhance your metabolism, give you more strength and improve your endurance.

Training for muscular adaptations will actually lead to a process called muscle metabolism at which your body will convert fuel into energy you can use to feel more refreshed.

Actually, research shows that those who engage in regular exercise, vs. those that are sedentary are 95% less likely to experience the effects of chronic fatigue.

In other words, the more you exercise, the more energy you have!

  • Oh, don’t forget about the rush of endorphins that many people get during a training session.

Helps You Maintain Strength

This is a time where you can be pretty certain you may not grow stronger. Instead, this system is developed to promote maintenance of your strength.

  • This means committing to stretching, mobility work and accessory exercises (explained later).

The Fest Fit Instills Good Habits

If you can commit to training during a festival you can train anywhere, anytime. Fest Fit will not only help you to improve your fitness and health, but it will help you in the long-run to develop better habits.

You Can Do It With Friends

Everything’s better when done with friends, right?

This system is developed to enable you to workout with your friends, eat better food with your friends and enable greater health and fitness throughout the process.

helping her friend train as you can in the music festival fitness program

Train with your friends

It’s Not Time Consuming

The last and most important part of why this system is beneficial is because it is not time-consuming. We totally understand that your favourite DJ is playing at noon and you will be waking up an hour earlier.

No stress, the workouts and routines in this system are designed to take a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

  • Before we get into the meat of the Fest Fit workout with videos here are some things you should consider before starting:

4 Things to Consider Before Starting The Workout

  • You’re already doing lots of cardio

    When training during a festival you must keep in mind that you are already burning lots of calories from dancing. You may not realize it, but dancing, jumping, lifting people up – this is a working in itself.

    Improving your health and fitness further is a question of hitting all the muscles that you are not already training. Generally, this also means that we likely won’t have a need for cardio training – so don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you go for a run anytime soon.  

  • You may not be sleeping as much as you should

    If you’re an experienced lifter in the gym you know that sleep is important to muscle growth – and without it, you will feel tired and sore – especially when it’s paired with a poor diet (we will get to that).  Keep in mind, in order for you to meet all the demands of this system you will want to try and sleep as much as possible – take naps during the day, and try to sleep 7-8 hours a night.

sleep 7-8 hours to maintain good fitness levels

A good sleep is vital for your fitness level
  • Its okay to have fun

    The main reason you are at this festival is to be a care-free, vital spirit dancing to the melody. We understand that many people will want to relax and just enjoy themselves. Many people will drink and use drugs more than usual. Have fun, but try to remember all the months you have been training hard to achieve the body and look you are showing off now.

  • You may not grow stronger

    Endless cardio, not the best food, limited sleep, dehydration – these are all common experiences people have during a festival, and to a certain extent, they will limit your ability to improve fitness during the festival.

    This is not a time where you will improve your bench or grow your legs and booty. Instead, use this time to work on mobility, stretch more and work on the small improvements that will help you to bounce back after the party.

Alright, now that you have a complete understanding of the types of workouts you will be doing and the benefits let get into it.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During a Festival

commit to simple strength in the music festival fitness program

First simple step. Credits to Sabine Mondestin

Commit to Simple Strength Training

Many people struggle to make progressions in the gym because they fail to do the simple things. Whether you are looking for booty gains, or you want to get a nice chest pump before one the sets, keeping your strength training simple will help.

Here’s an example of a simple strength training routine that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere:

music festival fitness program for simple strength

*You can use any bench or table to lift your back foot to complete the bulgarian lunge. If none are available feel free to switch this to normal walking lunges and increase the reps as needed.

The above workout system will be explained in a future video series to help you understand which exercises work best for strength and conditioning during a festival.

Be sure to commit to each repetition. If you only have to do 12 reps, keep the tempo slow and really focus on the contraction of the muscle.

Final Tip:

If you’re at a festival that allows re-entry, it might be a good idea to drop-in on a local gym and grab a workout. You could also stay at a local hotel for the night and use their facility (only if re-entry is permitted).

Stay Hydrated and And Eat a Balanced Diet

a drinking water from a bottle

Staying hydrated is key in any festival

These are potentially the biggest downfalls for any  festival goers. You’d expect there to be fountains everywhere, but most of the time there is one station that everyone crowds around to get water making it very easy to become dehydrated – especially after you have been dancing and drinking alcohol.

To avoid this we recommend that you are drinking at least 2 litres of water daily in order to maintain optimal health. You’d be best to bring your own empty (since you usually can’t bring a full one inside) water bottles to fill up inside the festival. Bring the biggest bottle you can, that is also easy to carry – since you likely won’t want to get back into the fountain line again.

What About Diet?

Diet is a huge factor during a festival. Let’s be honest, most of the time there just really isn’t a good place to eat. Going for pizza or shawarma may taste great, but the calories do no good in the long-run.

Do your best to eat as much food as you can that has been unprocessed. This means going for something simple like falafel (most shawarma joints will have this option) or keep it simple and stick to the lean beef sandwiches, with whole grain bread or fruit smoothie stands. The idea here is to eat food that are lower in fats and higher in fibre.

At the end of the day, the foods you’ll want to avoid will be cheese (high in salt and fat) and greasy meats (high in fat).

fruits and smoothies are the best way to open your music festival fitness program

Fruits and smoothies are a great way to begin your day

You should also do your best to consume 3-5 meals a day that are from vegetables, fruit, lean meats and drink as much water as you can.


Meal 1: Fruit smoothie, granola bar, water

Meal 2: Lean meat burger (turkey,chicken), side salad, water

Meal 3: fruit (banana, apple), water

Meal 4: Falafel dinner (whole grain pita, extra veggies), water

Meal 5: Granola bar, water  

Try to Maintain Correct Posture

a lady with a fit body staring forward

Good posture is important every day

Endless dancing, many breaks on the bench and many sessions lying down in tents that are too small can lead to a sore back, tired knees and weak ankles. This, of course, will lead to poor posture which can become long-standing if it isn’t taken care of.

Correcting this is a matter of conscious effort. Take notice of when your back is sore and try to stretch it out, go for a walk, and become more mobile. If your feet and ankles are sore take a  break and lie down – there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your body.

Maintaining your posture and taking care of your body during a festival is one of the most underrated ways to keep your health and fitness to a high level.

Train with a Push/Pull System

a man lifting his body up a bar

Push and pull for maintaining your awesome body

We briefly touched on the importance of strength training during your time at a festival but let’s take that one step further. In this case, let’s take a look at how you can best arrange your workout schedule so that it mocks a push/pull scheme.

What is a Push/Pull?

By this we mean that one day you will be working your pushing muscles and the second day on pulling muscles.  These pushing muscles generally extend – muscles like the quadriceps, triceps and pec muscles.

Pulling, on the other hand, is the opposite. These are muscles that flex; muscles in your back, biceps and hamstrings are perfect examples of pulling muscles.

Here’s an example of a push/pull workout scheme; each day you will alternate between pushing exercises and pulling exercises.

fitness table for training

Music Festival Fitness Videos

These workouts are built to only take 15-20 minutes, you can do them with friends and you know that they are built for strength, weight loss and general improvements in body composition.

Our suggestion is to complete each of these workouts in the morning after your first meal. This is generally the time where you will have some free moments to train while still having good energy.

Things to Keep in Mind:

You can implement cardio with this workout – say a morning run for example. You must consider that your cardio levels will already be quite high – especially if you’re an active dancer so extra cardio like running may not be needed. You can, and should, still be completing the above strength training.

Stretch Whenever You Can

a woman stretching in fields

Stretching will aid you to stay fit during the festival

So many of us forget to stretch and practice mobility. Assuming that there is no actual gym at the festival you will likely be most concerned with maintaining a certain level of fitness – in other words, you likely won’t grow much stronger during this time.

Stretching and working on mobility is not only essential during this time, but it could also help you to be stronger when you do come back from the festival.

Stretching Technique

The easiest way to stretch is to use your breath. Each time you stretch a muscle, breath slowly for 2-3 breaths. Try to stretch the muscle further on each exhale. Do not hold a stretch for more than 30 seconds per muscle.

Science shows that when muscles are contracted in a larger range of motion that more muscle fibre is stimulated far greater- in other words, stretching enables you to hit more muscle when you train with weights after.

Use your mornings, while you’re listening to the relaxing sets – anytime you can to stretch and improve your mobility.

Staying In Shape During A Festival

With all the dancing, no need for treadmills

At the end of the day, you must not forget that you are going to a festival to have fun and let yourself be free.

If you are one of the health and fitness keeners than ensuring you stay active, implementing useful workout structure and keeping your diet in check will help you to stay strong, fit and healthy when you do leave the festival.

What Not To Do

  • Sleep 4-5 hours a night: Getting sufficient sleep each night is essential to your energy and fun factor during the day.
  • Hit the Treadmills: Sweating out the alcohol on a treadmill may seem like a good idea, but truthfully, the extra cardio will put excessive stress on the ankle and knee joints ‒ which is never good for your strength goals.
  • Drink more alcohol than water: Keep your intake of water high and be smart about alcohol consumption.
  • Eat more greasy food than fresh food: Fresh food is always a more balanced choice for your diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Forget about fruit and vegetables: Fruit and vegetables taste great and are super healthy for you (perfect for the vegan warriors out there).
  • Random workouts with very little structure: Try to stick to the structured workouts provided above – we’ll have videos that follow explaining how to perform each.
  • Go for long runs: Going for a jog may seem like a good idea, but the endless dancing you did last night may not pair well with your strength goals. Instead, engage in some light strength training like seen above.

Final Things to Keep in Mind for your music festival fitness

a girl lean and fit with a body stretch

Keep your body happy

Improper Workouts

There’s no use in dropping down into 100 pushups in the middle of the night just so that you can try to stay in shape. Instead, get some sleep and get to a structured workout or take a trip to a local gym to push around some real weights.

Poor Dietary Choices

Grabbing a burger on day one is not the end of the world, but having one every meal, for a series of days will not lead you closer to success.

Endless burgers will likely lead to weight gain, and you will feel tired and sluggish. Do yourself a favour and eat the cleanest food you can. Most of the time there are vendors that make fruit smoothies – this is one of the best choices as it will help you to hit all your main nutrients while feeling full.  After all, we must not forget that good food, is good fuel – the better you eat the longer you will be able to stay out and enjoy the night!

Festivals Are Meant to Be Fun

Once again, we must remind you – festivals are meant to be fun. You can have a drink with friends, you can enjoy a greasy burger with your new EDM dance partner – just be sure to limit the number of times you spend eating bad food, and every once in a while (hopefully each morning) get into a structured workout schedule and maintain your music festival fitness levels.

Don’t be shy, we’d bet the people in the tent next to you had the same idea! Get dancing, stretch more, enjoy your workouts and, above all, enjoy your sets!

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