Where to Have a Pint in Volgograd

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is going to be a very exciting tournament, both on and off the pitch.  Fans attending the event from around the globe will have the opportunity to sample Russian hospitality in the different cities hosting games, including Volgograd.  What better way to meet locals and football fans alike than by having a pint in Volgograd during the World Cup

a pint in a bar

So Where is Volgograd?

Before looking into the several fantastic places to have a pint in Volgograd, lets find out a little more about the city.

Russia is a huge country and not the same as visiting other European countries due to the vast area it covers.  Therefore, cities and regions on one side of the country differ a great deal from ones on the other side of the country. Even in the beer you can tell the difference.

In southern Russia, on the west bank of the Volga river you will find Volgograd.

Old Name

Formerly known as Stalingrad, this city was subject to one of the most important battles of the Second World War but has emerged stronger as a result.  Interestingly, the city can officially be called Stalingrad for 6 days every year to commemorate the part the city and people played in the war.

While Volgograd is rightly proud of its role in the Second World War, times have moved on.  The locals are looking forward to welcoming the world to their city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and sharing a pint with fans from around the globe.

4 Matches in Volgograd

Volgograd will host four matches during the 2018 World Cup. Each of which will come in the group stages of the tournament.  There will be a great selection of teams to watch in Volgograd including; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, Iceland, Tunisia, England, Japan and Poland.

Fans attending the World Cup in Volgograd are guaranteed a memorable time, thanks to the variety of places to relax and enjoy a drink.  While the football will take centre stage, there is more to attending the World Cup than watching the matches. The atmosphere around the city, inside the bars and pubs, will be part of the whole experience.

With a mix of fans from around the world, in addition to the locals, simply having a pint in Volgograd is one of the best experiences you can have at the 2018 World Cup.

volgograd arena being prepared for the world cup 2018 in russia

The Volgograd Arena. Credits to Maximos

Craft Beer Revolution

If you ask anyone to name a famous Russian drink, the most popular answer you will receive is Vodka.  Russian vodka is renowned throughout the world but in recent years, beer has become more important. This had led to a craft beer revolution across the country and Volgograd has played a large role in its development.

Craft Pubs have started to open in Volgograd and have become a great way for people in the city to sample a wide range of beer, many of which they have never seen before.  That’s the great thing about craft beer. There are new brews and often run in limited amounts, meaning there is always something different to enjoy.

Russian craft beer has been in production for a few years and is alive and well in Volgograd, waiting to treat World Cup fans to a special pint of beer during the tournament.

many craft beers for tasting

Foreign Influence

Volgograd provides a great chance to sample some locally brewed beer with the locals but also the opportunity to try other beers from around the world.

Bars in Volgograd like to give their patrons a choice when it comes to drinking. This has seen a huge influx of beer from all four corners of the planet.

Perhaps the biggest influence on beer in Volgograd is Germany.  You will find German themed bars and restaurants throughout the city. These offer traditional German beers, with those from Bavaria being the most popular.

You can still order a pint of your favourite, big brand beer but why not take advantage of the choice of beers from around the world and try something different when in Volgograd?

Top Bars for a Great Pint in Volgograd

Nothing beats having a beer before the match and chatting with friends and new acquaintances in anticipation of what is going to happen in the next 90 minutes.  The same goes for after a match and in Volgograd you have some great options for enjoying a beer.

Nora Craft Beer Pub

You will struggle to find a bigger and better selection of beer in Volgograd than Nora Craft Beer Pub.  Here you have an overwhelming choice of bottled and draft beers, some of which are created locally and others which have been imported from around the globe.

a bar with many drinks in it

The photo is not from the Nora pub

Get Local

However, as a visitor to Volgograd, we recommend trying something local to get things started.  Not only will this give you a flavour of what the people of Volgograd like to drink, it will also adhere you to the Volgograd people.

To try some of their own beer, you should have a draft pint and opt for either Wander Land or Banana Trip, both of which come from their own brewery.  Having sampled some of the local brew, you may find you want nothing else but with such a great selection at Nora Craft Beer Pub, you should try something different.

Global Pints

Whether it’s American, Belgian, Norwegian, Scottish or Dutch, you are spoilt for choice and could easily spend an hour choosing what to have next.  Perhaps something from one of the other Russian breweries such as Bakunin Brewery, Stamm Beer or Panzer Brewery would go down well?  Especially if Russia are playing a match in the World Cup and this when emotions will be running high in Nora Craft Beer Pub.

This is not a big venue and fans will be packed inside, watching the action unfold and getting swept away as the goals are scored.  Even if your country is not represented in the World Cup, what better way to feel part of the event than at a venue like this?

Nora Craft Beer Pub is in the centre of Volgograd, on the 10th Division of the NKVD. It may not be much to look at on the outside, you are assured of a warm welcome and a great pint on the inside.


Attending a match at the World Cup is thrilling but having a beer and watching a game with locals and visitors alike is a truly memorable moment and one you can savour in Bamberg Bar.

working at the bar

The photo is not from the
Bamberg Bar

Bamberg is a German bar and restaurant. It is popular with locals who like to watch sports on the big screen and sample one of the many craft beers available.  All the Bamberg beers are brewed in their own brewery. You have a choice of seven live, unfiltered beers.  You can even witness the brewing process and taste the beer you have made in their own brewery, which is a great experience if you have the time.

However, simply buying a pint and watching the match, perhaps with a snack or meal in Bamberg is a great way to spend an evening in Volgograd.

A leading pub in Volgograd

This venue is larger than Nora Craft Beer Pub but the chances of finding a seat during the World Cup are slim and why would you want to sit down?  This place will be pumping when the tournament is taking place. If you are a German fan attending the 2018 World Cup, this could be your home from home.

Don’t just take our word for it, head there for a pint and catch some of the action.  If Russia and Germany happen to meet in the latter stages, fans will be spilling out to the streets from Bamberg in celebration and its special moments like this which people remember when attending the World Cup.

Bamberg is located at 20 Sovetskaya Street.

Alyaska Bar

You will not find any food for sale in Alyaska Bar but it is a great place to have a pint in Volgograd.  The bar was established by a couple of friends and the choice of bottles on the shelf is so great, you could be stood at the bar for hours making your decision.

many choices of alcohol drinks

The photo is not from the
Alyaska Bar

They also have an excellent choice of local beers on draught and the staff speak good English. So if you are having trouble deciding which beer you would like to try, they will be more than happy to help.

At the time of writing they do not have a screen in this bar and that means no live coverage of the World Cup.  However, this is a bar full of intelligent young locals who love nothing more than a debate so why not join in as there is sure to be plenty of talk about the World Cup.  ‘Remember that debate we had with an Estonian about who should play right-back for England?!’ and ‘I couldn’t believe he was related to Russia’s substitute goalkeeper!’ are statements you can only make having enjoyed a pint at a venue like Alyaska Bar.

You could spend all week in this cosy bar and not even come close to trying everything they have to offer. Not to mention you would be staggering back to your hotel afterwards.  You will not find a more welcoming bar to enjoy a pint during the World Cup in Volgograd and Alyaska Bar comes highly recommended.

Alyaska Bar is at 13 Lenina Street in central Volgograd.


Druzya means ‘friends’ in Russian and this is a great bar to have a pint and socialise with friends or meet new people.

You will find a great choice of beer here and this is one of the more sociable places for a pint in Volgograd. Visitors from around the world often choosing to go here for a drink.  They occasionally have beer tasting evenings, so look out for that one night when you are there for the World Cup and you may discover a new beer you love.

For the Music

Live music plays a big role in the success of this bar.  Football and music have long been linked together and hearing something again can bring back a special football memory.  Chances are, you will never have heard of any of the bands playing in Druzya, but you will always remember the songs when looking back on your time at the 2018 World Cup.

The bar staff are very welcoming and will be sure to offer you the best drink to suit your tastes. They will most likely engage in conversation about your own country and listening to the live music.

You can find Druzya at 4 Komsomolskaya Ulitsa.


This is another great place in Volgograd to enjoy a pint and watch a 2018 World Cup match live on television with the locals.

pouring a pint

The photo is not from the
Alhovsky Bar

This is a traditional Russian pub in the centre of Volgograd, at 37 Marshala Chuikova Street.  The owners of the pub take pride in their service and the drinks they provide.  You can sample a great beer from their range of draft options on the bar.

They also have a range of Russian bottled beers and a selection imported from Belgium and the United States.  However, you would be doing a disservice to walk into Alhovsky and order anything other than a pint of Russian beer.

They also have live music and during the 2018 World Cup, you will have a great time drinking traditional beer, watching a match and dancing to local artists late into the night.  Hold on to your hats if Russia are playing because this place can get lively. You could soon find yourself partying into the night with the locals as the celebrations spill onto the streets.

Will you wake up in the morning (or afternoon) and remember exactly what happened that night you watched the World Cup in Alhovsky?  Or will have fun with your friends trying to piece it all together?

Price of a Pint in Volgograd

You will find prices of drinks in Volgograd bars differ depending on which establishment you visit but the beer does not fluctuate a great deal.

A pint of draught beer can cost between 120 and 140 Russian Rubles, which is around $2.50. A bottle of imported beer tends to be more expensive and can cost anything from 135 Russian Rubles or $2.40.  This is slightly cheaper than a pint but the amount in a bottled beer will be smaller.

However, these are very reasonable prices and while they may be a little more expensive during the 2018 World Cup, you will generally find the cost of a pint very reasonable in Volgograd.

a bar with stools

Great Volgograd Hospitality

While the taste of a great beer is the number one priority when ordering a pint in Volgograd, each of the establishments highlighted above is also well-known for providing excellent hospitality.

You are sure to feel welcome in each of these bars during the 2018 World Cup, wherever you are from. The staff or the friendly locals will help you choose which drink you should order.  Just try not to get carried away because having a pint in Volgograd is a great experience and you will only want more.

Going out and having a pint in Volgograd is the perfect way to meet new people. You are sure to make friendships which will last beyond the 2018 World Cup.  You will also try some fantastic new beers and who knows, you may be taking some back with you as gifts for friends and family.

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